The EducationStars Award shows the educational services, quality and customer. They were introduced in 2011 and uniquely in the international education industry, are based on student ratings only.

This time, we are proud to announce that THE WINNER IN SOUTH AFRICA ISKURUS ENGLISH for the second year in a row! Thank you to all the students who filled in the evaluation forms and rated us!


Kurus English Harlem Shake

Mission completed:-) Our Harlem Shake is online! Enjoy! Thanks so much to all the Shakers!!! WELL DONE!!

Harlem Shake

Coming soon! Watch this space…

Kurus English featured in CITY VIEWS- CAPE TOWN

Check out the article about Kurus English and our unique language learning and teaching concept in the April issue of City Views Cape Town.

For the full version, feel free to download the pdf document (5 MB): City Views- Cape Town- April Issue

Market Analysis: South Africa

According to Study Travel Magazine published by Hot House Media:

“There were some encouraging growth figures recorded by South Africa’s ELT industry in 2011 3

and future forecasts for 2012 look good.”

The article then goes on to explain itself and quote Directors of schools in the ELT industry.

“It was well documented that those working in the English language teaching industry in South Africa were disappointed with mediocre impact the football World Cup had on business in 2010 (see LTM, March 2011, page 53), and some were still lamenting its effects in 2011. “We really thought it would generate a lot more income in 2011,” says Chris Roberts at EC Cape Town. And he surmises that the dip in the world economy and the high cost of air travel during the footballing event may have deterred price-sensitive students from travelling to the country for study purposes in 2011.

According to the latest Global Market Report the average cost of tuition per month in South Africa was US$628, compared with US$1,674 in the UK (see STM, December 2011, page 24), making it the most competitively priced ELT destination. This, says Cooper, has not gone unnoticed by student clients. “A Russian couple, who recently joined our school, said they’d done Internet research on the cost of language schools in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and selected South Africa as the most cost-effective.”

Johannes Kraus, Director at Kurus English in Cape Town, observes that while the high cost of living in the aftermath of the World Cup had a negative impact on student intake, he is confident of the international event’s more long-term effects. “I still see a lot of potential for South Africa in the upcoming years. The World Cup hasn’t unfolded its full marketing potential yet. I believe this huge marketing effect is still to come in 2013 and 2014,” he observes.

While Wits Language School is planning to develop additional courses in English for academic purposes and Medical English, EF is looking to attract a slightly older demographic, namely those over the age of 25, by offering more exam or business type programmes, explains the school’s Anka Stenten. Kurus English is also making a play for the older language learner. “We launched a special 50 plus course to address this more and more popular age group,” enthuses Kraus. ”

Read the full article at Hot House Media: http://www.hothousemedia.com/ltm/ltmbackissues/feb12web/feb12marketanalysis.htm

Friends with chocolate are better than friends without chocolate ;)

Thank you to Ursina Sprenger, an agent from Akzent sprachbildung weltweit, and her friend Sandrine Loosli, for popping into Kurus English to learn more about us :)

It was a pleasure to have you here and we hope that you enjoyed talking to all of us here, even our students!

We wish you a safe trip back to Switzerland!  Come again soon!

PS.  oooh and thank you for the delicious Toblerone!! ;)

Kurus & CoffeeBeans Year End Function – Tobogganing !!

This year Kurus English decided to treat it’s staff to a different kind of year end party… Tabogganing!!

Although, at first quite challenging, the Kurus team zipped speedily around the course, breaking records and showing off!

It was a fantastic day and a great way to end off 2011!

First Aid for Lothar Matthäus

Dear friends
Kurus English is once again shocked by a German celebrities English performance and behaviour in public. This time Lothar Matthäus, Football World Champion 1990 in Italy with the German Team.

Please check the video for our unique solution and offer! We believe, we can really really help Loddar and not only him…!!! ;-)

Let’s see, if Lothar has the courage to come to Cape Town… We promise, he would not regret it!!!
Best regards from Cape Town
Kurus English

Fejo- Music Dinner

Alan and Jason together with Cynthia wowed us once again with their incredible taste in food and music! The Fejo group not only ate and danced, but enjoyed splendid views of Cape Town and Table Mountain on aheightenedsecret garden in Paradise Grey. From uMngqusho, pap, and chicken livers coated with chats and laughs, we were also graced with an unplugged performance by Cape Town’s very own Black South Easters.


Fejo Music Dinner

As much as this is regarded a house party, the main purpose is to eat, have fun, network, and create friendship. Our first Music Dinner was successful, well attended, and filling. Besides the great work by our musical acts, the view of Table Mountain at a secret garden put the cherry on top for this event. Unplugged musical performances had the crowd dancing, and on sale beverages created a balanced social experience. The best part about this particular event is that Kurus English’s individual students opted to join the Fejo 1 group which, at the end, also created friendships within the school boundaries and beyond.

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Season Greetings

Dear Students, Friends, Clients and Supporters

An exciting year 2010, especially for us here in South Africa, is finally coming to an end! We would very much like to build on the immense popularity South Africa has achieved during this most momentous year.

Our motto for 2011, Tolerance and Acceptance, stands as a reminder of the cultural challenges we face in our country in particular, just as we all do in the world at large. It is our aim, through our unique combination of language and cultural education, to embrace this motto and bring it into reality through our established range of Language Excursions.

On behalf of our entire team here at Kurus English, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Festive Season and an especially prosperous New Year in 2011!

Warmest regards
Johannes Kraus
Director, Kurus English

Year End Function


The Coffeebeans Routes and Kurus English Team went up Table Mountain for a delicious picnic to end an exciting year. Thank you very much to the whole team for all your efforts and your tireless commitment! We look forward to having a successful New Year in 2011.

Thanks again!

Iain and Johannes

1st anniversary Kurus English

Yes, it is true! Kurus English opened its doors one year ago on the 1st of September 2008. Time really flies…
Our baby Kurus English is crawling already, now it is time to walk! Thanks to everybody especially our students, teachers, Language Excursion hosts, accommodation hosts, guest houses and the Coffeebeans Routes team for your support and your contribution!

Last night we celebrated our 1st anniversary with a delicious dinner and live music from Adamo at Alan & Jason aka Paradise Grey! Thanks to everybody for celebrating with us! Please enjoy the pictures!

Video: Kurus English language-culture-discovery

Please enjoy our video about our school, Cape Town and our unique, teacher-guided Language Excursions! The video was recorded and produced by Janne, a Kurus English intern. Thanks Janne for all your effort and work! Enjoy!

Kurus English and Coffeebeans Routes Press Release

Please have a look at our Press Release. It is a press release from Kurus English and Coffeebeans Routes. We are joint venture partners and together we have created our unique concept of teacher-guided Language Excursions.

Please download the press release here!

Our school interior

Please have a look at our brand new and colourful interior design! The colours have been chosen to ensure  you feel comfortable and will motivate you to improve your English. Our classrooms are fully aclimatised and are big enough to accommodate 8 students (17m²-20m²). We created a perfect learning environment that puts our students FIRST!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Our school building

We are beautifully located in the city centre of Cape Town in 70 Wale Street, close to the mountain and close to the sea. Our handsome building is a National Heritage Site and was build in 1808. So, we are celebrating the 200th birthday this year!

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