Travelling the world in your 20s by Vanessa Garcia Dinis

Bungy Jump Vanessa

Vanessa after her Bungy Jump!

Travelling the world in your 20s

Currently, many young people in their 20`s leave home to travel around the world; this appears to be a growing tendency.

Even if one of the most important objectives of the youth is gaining independence, this can`t be achieved completely. Parents who support and pay for their children`s world trips, may make it impossible for them to achieve financial independence. In the same line of reasoning, the young people who travel in their 20s, in fact stop studying and working, which could be detrimental to their professional life and student carreers

Despite the two points mentioned above, it is undeniable that it is possible to find more positive opinions and ideas. Firstly, the young travelers do not actually stop studying: in fact they get to know new cultures, places and languages. Secondly, the lucky young travelers in their 20s get to know people from all nationalities and all walks of life. This, in itself, is a vitally important global education. Last, but not the least, a fascinating trip around the world encourages the young people to gain priceless experiences and responsibilities, which is very important for their professional future.

In conclusion, it is necessary to remember that one`s 20s is the ideal age to travel around the world. After this time, the person would be locked into their other responsibilities, such as their job and their family.

Vanessa Garcia Dinis, Cape Town, 13.02.2009

Lost love by Ellen and Gavin

He looked at me angrily.
I whispered nervously.
“Tom, I don’t love you any more”.
He turned tragically and
Quietly, he walked away…

Ellen and Gavin
(Practising adverbs!)

Cape Town, South Africa from Daniela, Brazil

Cape Town – South Africa
Cape Town is a beautiful and developing city where you can see the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other side. It’s amazing to be surrounded by two different sceneries.
South Africa has a rich history that intriques me.
After I arrived in Cape Town, I was homesick for two weeks and I wanted to go back home but in my third week I discovered how wonderful this city really is.

Kurus English
Kurus English is a small and cozy school with friendly people and good teachers. I felt welcomed since my first day here. For me, just one month to learn English was too short: I would like to have more time.
The general English course is great because the contents are clear and effective.

Language Excursions
I had good times with the Language Excursions. This programme provides opportunities to practice the language, listening and speaking with different people and hearing different accents, improving our skills more and more.

I enjoyed this unforgettable experience!

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