Kurus English Harlem Shake

Mission completed:-) Our Harlem Shake is online! Enjoy! Thanks so much to all the Shakers!!! WELL DONE!!

A taste of Cape Malay Cuisine

With our weeks Language Excursion theme being “Food & Cuisine”, students started out their South African food experience by visiting firstly, a spice shop and then moving on to a home in the Bo-Kaap area, where they were treated to real, authentic Cape Malay dishes.  From snacks all the way through to dessert, the students were utterly astounded at the variety of flavours the cuisine had to offer.

Welcome to Cape Town Fejo 1 of 2012

A warm welcome to our first Fejo group of 2012!

Here’s to a great two weeks in Cape Town!! :)

Dear Kurus-Team!

On this very day, the 5th of October 2011, it is exactly two years that went by from the day when I took my first step onto one of the most lovely and joyful places on earth and which made the prelude to the most adventurous, fascinating and greatest periods of my life.

Yes, you’re right, the most lovesly and joyful place on earth, that is directly addressed above, is no other than your Kurus English and the person who is writing is no one less than your lil’ Junior Johannes from Germany! ;)

I must tell you that I’ve never felt the desire to send you a personal message as strongly as today.  I’ve often been thinking of it. It’s especially the simple availability of digital and online contact through internet and worldruler facebook that made me think: “‘Lil Jo, you HAVE to make a difference.  It’s your royal mission to maintain the lovableness of old fashioned traditions – such as writing a handwritten letter to your beloved people!  And today, I’m thinking:”What are you waiting for? October is the greatest month that was ever invented!  So, take your pen and go ahead!”

At this point, I have to sprinkle in the mandatory excuse for my bad handwriting.  I make my best endeavour but still, it’s a tall order!

Writing this letter, I just want to let you know that I’m still going into raptures about Cape Town, the time at school and especially when thinking of you!

To my dear Gavin, I want to send you my most enthusiastic greetings!  Although we haven’t met for two years I still have the most vivid imagination of your radiant smile, your irresistable positivity and your extraordinary teaching style that has, to the day, remained unique to me.  And I still owe you my greatest gratitude for writing the academic reference to Cambridge, even though my application was turned down.

To my most gorgeous Diana :) as you have captured on Facebook, Junior has finally grown up!  We should celebrate that date once!

And to my greatest namesake, Big Johannes!  I picked up in the Internet that Rugby World Cup is running at the moment.  I was confused that you haven’t played for South Africa so far!  You’d cut a good figure as a mighty defender! :) But still, the Big-Boss – aura suits you just as well!

Also send my love to Aaliya!

I hope that one day I’ll see you all again in Cape Town!

Wtih the best greetings from Germany, to my two-year Kurus -anniversary,

your lil Junior Johannes

New STAR TRAILS by Erich Meyer: this time from Lions Head

Star Trails, Lions Head, Cape Town

This image is a combination of 548 individual shots taken in Cape Town/ South Africa.

The image shows a synopsis some minutes before the beginning  until 2 hours after the sunset.

The planet Mercury is fine to see below the star ‚Regulus‘ (it is the brightest star of the star constellation ‚Leo‘).

Left star trails are curved around the South Pole and right star trails are curved around the North Pole. Stars that are located on the celestal equator have straight lines.

The exact point “West” is marked.

The image shows that the sun was placed in the northern part of the celestial sphere at 15th July 2011 (near the summer solistice at 21th June).

The dotted lines are caused due to illuminated and moving fishing boats and due to the exposure time intevall of 15 seconds.

Brighter areas near the beaches are the result of whitecaps.

Location for the image: on Lions Head (669m) – Cape Town, South Africa.
Date of exposure: 15th July 2011.
Exposure time: 2 hours. Time between exposures: 15 seconds.

Have fun with this particular image!
Best regards and the best wishes to Cape Town

See what our 50+ students do in Cape Town: STAR TRAILS by Erich Meyer

Star Trails, Table Mountain, Cape Town

This picture is a collection of 620 single images, taken with a digital camera and a 24mm x 36mm sensor. A wide angle lens was used (17mm). The camera was fixed on a tripod and was oriented towards the south. Due to the motion of the Earth (daily motion) the stars appear as trails (star trails). All star trails are bending around the South Pole.

Complete time of exposure for all images: 3 hours, taken on 5 July 2011 from 8:30pm to 11:30pm.

Clear sky

Erich, Linz, Austria


a warm welcome to our new student group from Germany. We wish you all an incredible time in Cape Town. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

A warm welcome!

This week we have two new students. We wish you a great time in Cape Town and at Kurus English!

Helga, from Italy &

Clara, from Germany

Kurus English says THANK YOU to Fejo IV 2010

Our Wold Cup Fejo-Group visited us from the 12th of June – 25th of June 2010.

Especially for this group we created a unique programme around the World Cup which included an unforgettable afternoon inside the Cape Town Stadium, while Portugal was playing vs. Korea DPR. 

They also experienced a unique private Music Dinner and 2 two weeks of Language Excursions. During their stay our focus was on the topics South African History and Art, Dance & Expression which had an impact on all 9 students.

We would like to say thank you for the two weeks and we wish you all the best.

Ayobaaaa Fejo IV 2010

A brilliant short story by Elisa (Upper-Intermediate student)

On the spur of the moment I decided to go back. That man, who seemed to be about 70 years old, reminded me my sweet grandpa who had died only one year ago. I missed him so much and I couldn’t leave that man all alone, I couldn’t watch him suffering without doing anything. I went back and simply sat down on the bench just next to him, without saying anything but I was offering my silent presence. The man was still looking out to sea. He seemed desperate and after a little time began to cry very hard, I could see his shoulders jerking from the sobbing. All around everything seemed unrealistically still and I didn’t know what to do, when suddenly the old man began to talk. He told me that his wife, his partner for all his life was dying, she had a terminal condition and there weren’t any doctors or treatment which could save her. He felt very powerless and didn’t know how to relate the sad prognosis to their children; he would like to protect them even if they were already grown up. He said that, even though he was a psychologist and he had been helping people for the greater part of his life, he couldn’t now help himself. I felt very aggrieved for his sad situation, but there was something that made me feel uncomfortable: I didn’t know what it was, maybe his way of speaking…it seemed he was trying to convince me of something. I had felt this weird sensation, but I thought it was only my imagination. Then, a gust of wind snatched away the letter from his hands and I quickly ran to pick it up and gave it back to him, but he was screaming at me to let it go. I wondered why for a moment, then, when finally I picked the letter up, I understood. It was a letter from the Psychology Council witch stated that he had been struck off the roll because he had been suspected of murdering his whole family. When I finished reading I could feel him behind my back, I was terrified and there wasn’t anybody else around…

Blanka our Sweepstake Winner from the African Festival 2009 in Aschaffenburg

Dear Johannes and Kurus-Team,

thank you a lot for the prize “English course in Cape Town for two weeks and for the great time in Cape Town. Two weeks have passed so fast. Before I came to Cape Town I was so afraid of speaking English but now I know that my English is better than I thought. The teachers are very competent and warm. I have learned very much in the English lessons, excursions and in the town. Thanks to the teachers who gave me the self-confidence for communication for example with local people. In an English speaking country with native speakers it is easier and more effective to learn English.

It was a great time with you and thanks for everything.

I hope that I can come back soon!

Best wishes

Blanka from Goldbach, Germany

FEJO III Music Dinner 2010 @Paradise Grey

This Tuesday we had our last Fejo Music Dinner for this summer. Luckily, the weather was fantastic and we enjoyed a delicious African Dinner outside in the magnificent garden. Everyone was happy and laughing and chatting to each other.

Black South East”, the live band of the evening, entertained us with lovely songs. Not only the band “rocked” the house this time, also Robert of the Fejo Group showed us his musical talent. He played several songs on the guitar. All of our students were clapping, singing and enjoying the great evening.


CAE: Passed with flying colours!

Johannes and Johannes, our first CAE (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) students, passed the CAE Exam with flying colours.

Congratulation to both of them!

FEJO II Music Dinner 2010 @Paradise Grey

Last week a new Fejo Group arrived at our language school and we had our second Music Dinner this year in the wonderful backyard of Alan’s home.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and chatted about various things. After dinner a great local Cape Town band was playing, which is always my favorite part of the evening.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and it was a fantastic evening once again!


FEJO I Music Dinner 2010 @Paradise Grey

This Tuesday was once again time for our FEJO Music Dinner at Alan’s amazing Garden.
The evening started with a steep climb to the top of the Garden where everybody enjoyed an awesome view of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain. It was a good work out ;) and all of us were hungry, so Cinthia & Alan served us one of their lovely dinners.
After everybody was full the music started to play. The African beat “rocked” and it didn’t take long until the FEJO Group opened the dance floor. There was dancing, chatting and laughing the whole evening and one of the Highlights later on was the small “concert” of our FEJO Group. They sung a couple of German songs and kept the party going on.

CHATTING, LAUGHING and DANCING were the themes of the evening.

It was my first Music Dinner and I’m already looking forward to the next one!


1st anniversary Kurus English

Yes, it is true! Kurus English opened its doors one year ago on the 1st of September 2008. Time really flies…
Our baby Kurus English is crawling already, now it is time to walk! Thanks to everybody especially our students, teachers, Language Excursion hosts, accommodation hosts, guest houses and the Coffeebeans Routes team for your support and your contribution!

Last night we celebrated our 1st anniversary with a delicious dinner and live music from Adamo at Alan & Jason aka Paradise Grey! Thanks to everybody for celebrating with us! Please enjoy the pictures!

Poem: What happened…?

Amany, Nebras, Ahmed and Rocivalda

Rocivalda & Aaliya

Rocivalda & Aaliya

A poem written in a Pre-Intermediate Skills class by Amany, Rocivalda & Aaliya:

Our friendship grew slowly and carefully,
we spent our time together lovingly,
suddenly you changed quietly,
I questioned you angrily,
you broke my heart tragically,
you left urgently
and I looked on nervously…
What happened…?

Judith & Denise in Cape Town

Watch a short video with Denise and Judith, our sweepstake winners, talking about their experiences in Cape Town.

Here the video in English:

Additionally, we also have a German version for you to watch:

Expolingua sweepstake winners in Cape Town!

Denise and Judith

Denise and Judith

A warm welcome to Cape Town and Kurus English! Denise and Judith our sweepstake winners from the Expolingua Fair in Berlin last year in November arrived in Cape Town. Click here for more information.
Congratulations again! We hope you ladies have a great and unforgettable time in Cape Town! Enjoy!

2 weeks in Cape Town

After arriving at the Cape Town international Airport we were picked up by Jacques from Coffeebeans. He took us to our guest house in Sea Point where we met our very friendly apartment-mom, Cheryl. We felt very comfortable during the two weeks.

Our days always started with English lessons with Gavin in the advanced class. We had so much fun learning English with him. We refreshed our knowledge in gramma and skills and had interesting discussions.

Also very interesting were our Language Excursions in the afternoon. Because of our first topic “Environment” we viseted Rondevlei and met Joy. She showed us around and we got to know many different South African plants and animals. On Thursday we met Clinton, a fire fighter at the Table Mountain National Park. He showed us the equipment which they need to fight a fire. Clinton was a very nice guy who answered all the questions we were interested in.

At Saturday we started a whole day trip all along the Peninsula Route with Jacques. At first we stopped for a delicious lunch at the harbour, where we had fish and chips. Afterwards we visited the penguins and took a lot of pictures with them.
The highlight of the tour was our walk to the Cape of Good Hope. We had an amazing view over Cape Town.
Khwattu! was our second weekend tour on Sunday. We learned to read animal tracks, got to know how the bushmen lived and made ornaments and lastly we attended a very interesting click-workshop.

The theme of the second school week was “Education & Youth”! Therefore we visited two very different schools. One was the Serepta High school at Kalkfontein, where we had an interesting discussion with the pupils. The second school we visited was Rustenburg Girls’ High school in Rondebosch where we had a warm welcome by the girls and teachers. The most interesting was to see the big differences between both schools.

All in all it was a wonderful experience to be in Cape Town. On the one hand we improved our English skills and on the other hand we learned a lot about the culture, the environment and the South African people. The whole trip was very good organized and everyone was taking care of us. We all thisk this trip was worth wile and we would always come back!

Sonja, Anna-lisa, Jennifa

story of advanced class

Advanced class: A completed story as part of an excercise.

She didn’t want to leave without Peter. The whistle sounded and suddenly Hannah felt with absolute certainty thay something was desperately wrong. At that moment she was distracted by another sound; A sinister sound. She turned and peered along the dimly-lit platform and saw at the end of the station concourse flashing blue and red lights.
She felt strangly taken in by the lights. Intuitively, she felt something had happened to Peter; something that would change her life forever.
She began to walk towards the lights and then started to run. At that same moment the sky broke apart and silent tears started to flow down her cheeks, as if in sympathy with the rain. A crowd had gathered around a unmoving body lying on the station floor. The emergency personell were trying to assist the injured man. Hannah feared the worst; the man on the ground was Peter. But for a moment she was distracted by the small red box, which he was still holding tightly in his hands. Soundlessly she kneeled down next to Peter. Her heart was beating frantically. “Darling, Peter, is this for me?” As if in reflex Peter’s hand seemed to tighten around the box. Nevertheless, Hannah carefully pulled the box from his fingers. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and opened the box. When she opened it, she saw two things. First a magnificant diamond ring and then she read the few words she would never, ever forget. ‘With everlasting love to my darling Stephanie’. Hannah made a immediate decision; she turned on her heel and marched out into her new life, box in hand.

Jennifa, Anna-Lisa, Sonja and Gavin

Camila Paz about her experiences in Cape Town

I was thinking of how to start this note about my Cape Town experience, but it is a little bit hard, because I was deep inside this city and culture. I just opened my mind and soul to this “new” world.

Other than learning English I am so glad to have had the opportunity to discover this new place. This country and the people who I have met here, from South Africa and from all over the world. All the experiences and adventures that I have had here, have changed my vision of the world (or of my own world).

I would like to say thanks to the Kurus team, to my teachers who taught me English, of course! But also taught me about the history and the culture of this country. It is hard to describe my time here because I have a lot of nice feelings…

Cape Town will always be my psychedelic city!

Thanks! Love, love,

Camila Paz

Thank you, by Stefan

I have to say thank you.

Thanks to the whole Kurus and Coffeebeans Routes team, for this great time. Especially to my teachers Gavin and Aaliya for their patience and kindness all the time. I will never forget you all. You have enriched my life!

In these three weeks I have learned so much. Not only have I improved my English, but in the course of time, I have made new friends and collected a lot of new experiences and impressions for my life. The Kurus team made it possible to show that a language is more than grammar and that the language lives in all parts of our lives and connects people, regardless of your culture, the color of your skin or your nationality. I have also learned to understand the meaning of the word diversity, to show people your acceptance and respect and you will get it back the same way!

The other part of my trip was to discover Cape Town. This city is a melting pot of different cultures, religions and different faces. You can feel and absorb the different vibrations, smells and noises in the streets, all the time. This has showed me also the different parts of shadow and light in this country and city. As soon as you accept this, you will find the right way for new understanding how to become more tolerant and open for a new sight in you life. You can be part of it, open your mind and you will discover a new world!

Thank you!


Kurus English Cape Town


Express yourself

Culturally Crazy
Progressive & Psychedelic
Exciting Experiences
Naturally Beautiful

Written by Camila, Stefan and Aaliya during a skills class!

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