The Pie Review, Kurus English goes big!

Kurus English goes big. The Pie Review counts us to the most influential figures of the industry! Check out the article and the whole interview with Johannes, Director of Kurus English.

Click here to read the article: www.i-studentgroup.com/thepie/02/english/

Interview with Johannes Kraus:

By The PIE Review, Amy Baker

Q Why did you decide to set up Kurus English – what inspired you?

I have always had an interest in Education, but was inspired to approach it from a different angle; wanting to work within the education field itself, but not only in the standard teaching way. After my own language studies experience in Cape Town in 2004, followed by a year of study at the University of Cape Town, I came up with the idea of founding an English language school integrated with an experiential learning concept. During my initial language studies in Cape Town, I had at times found it rather annoying to remain seated during somewhat lengthy communication classes, indoors, until 15h30 – whilst just outside, and tantalizingly so, Cape Town was waiting with so many opportunities and experiences to offer.

So, I partnered with experienced, creative teachers and a finely-networked cultural tour operator, Coffeebeans Routes. Together we developed what we call our Language Excursions. Any innovative approach, however, requires focused and efficient operations management, so, additionally, I was delighted to be joined by my long-time friend and companion who also hails from Germany, and our small team was finally complete.

Our Language Excursions are personally accompanied by our teachers and these learning journeys provide our students with opportunities to meet the diverse people of Cape Town; they are out-of-classroom communication classes. We have developed 12 different themes and at least 3 Language Excursions associated with each theme. Due to the authentic learning environment, language-learning outcomes are high: aiming to provide our students with maximum opportunities for success in communicating in English, especially by guiding and supporting the learners, promoting their natural confidence in the use of their new and developing language.

Q How has your business developed?

Starting from zero meant we have had growth every single year from the start. However, the first 2 years were much slower than anticipated, which translated into a big challenge in the management of cash flow; this especially apparent during the winter months. Our summers, on the other hand, have been good from the very beginning, mainly due to the aforementioned existing networks.

Q What are your plans for Kurus for the future?

I still refer to Kurus English as a young start-up company, so the main goal is to establish the school with its unique concept in the market and to build further relationships globally, especially with language travel agencies. I don’t think it would be a good idea to increase the size of the school just yet. We are a small, privately-owned and independent school, which ensures individual and personalised attention to all our clients/students; I would very much like to keep it this way. A second campus may indeed make sense in the future, we will see…

Q Age/nationality/size of business please?

I am 33 years old and originally from Germany. I have been resident in Cape Town, South Africa for 7 years.

Kurus English is 4 years old and into its 5th year of operation. We have 4 classrooms and a maximum capacity of 32 students.

Q What do you enjoy most about your job?

The first thought that springs to my mind is the challenge. I love the challenge of being an entrepreneur. As I mentioned before, it hasn’t been easy, but it has always been exciting, fun and challenging – and I need that! Furthermore, I love being so closely involved in Education and working with people. It’s a real pleasure for me seeing all the happy faces from all around the world when our students arrive, and  later when they leave Cape Town. And our school embodies a truly inspiring and stimulating atmosphere; it feels like we’re working with the whole world every day and I really enjoy this a lot.

Virtual Tour through Kurus English

Check out our new virtual through our ‘holy’ halls. Walk through our school, including classrooms as you were actually here in Cape Town! JUST MOVE YOUR MOUSE AND CLICK ON THE GREEN REFERENCE POINTS TO WALK FURTHER!


Whooohooo Kurus English has been voted best Language School in South Africa!  A big thank you to our lovely students!


We happily give you a quick insight into our classrooms .It`s a nice mix of people from all over the world. And most importantly you find a room full of happy faces.

Hi Everybody!

My name is Florian Abel and I`m really looking forward to the next seven weeks because I am doing an internship at Kurus English here in Cape Town!

I am 27 years old and I`m studying Business Education as a major and English as a minor subject at the University of Bamberg, Germany. In 2010, I attended Kurus English for a two-week intensive English course. From that time onwards, I desperately wanted to return to this wonderful city and to this great language school.

I would like to thank the whole Kurus English Team for giving me this fine opportunity to improve my English, to learn more about the culture of Cape Town and South Africa and, last but not least, to gain further insight into the processes of English language teaching and learning. I assure you that I will do my very best to support you!

If you would like to find out more about me or about Kurus English, please feel free to contact me.

I`m so looking forward to meeting many new Kurus students and friends!



Sometimes a city is enough inspiration, Cape Town indeed

Director of Kurus English, Johannes Kraus, was recently interviewed by Cool Entrepeneurs about the startup of the school.

Read the full article at


Kurus English launches NEW Golf Programme!

For the golf enthusiast, Cape Town must count as heaven. With an ideal climate for spending time outside in the sun and on the fairways, golfers here are blessed with some of the finest golf courses in the world.

Kurus English offers its learners the inspired opportunity to improve their English while leaving time to enjoy some of our country’s most celebrated courses.

Most golf courses in and around Cape Town offer a choice of 9 holes or 18 holes and many of them have ‘mashie courses’ too. Whether you have only an hour or half a day, you will find something for everyone! The golf courses here are of an international standard, and are priced more cheaply than any courses in Europe or the USA!

It is worth mentioning, the game of golf is played 12 months of the year in South Africa and Cape Town has been acclaimed as one of the 5th bluest sky destinations in the world!

Kurus English offers specially designed language programmes that enable you to improve your English while still giving you time to play on some of the best golf courses in South Africa.

For more information on course packages and fees click below

2012_English+Golf_incl prices

Market Analysis: South Africa

According to Study Travel Magazine published by Hot House Media:

“There were some encouraging growth figures recorded by South Africa’s ELT industry in 2011 3

and future forecasts for 2012 look good.”

The article then goes on to explain itself and quote Directors of schools in the ELT industry.

“It was well documented that those working in the English language teaching industry in South Africa were disappointed with mediocre impact the football World Cup had on business in 2010 (see LTM, March 2011, page 53), and some were still lamenting its effects in 2011. “We really thought it would generate a lot more income in 2011,” says Chris Roberts at EC Cape Town. And he surmises that the dip in the world economy and the high cost of air travel during the footballing event may have deterred price-sensitive students from travelling to the country for study purposes in 2011.

According to the latest Global Market Report the average cost of tuition per month in South Africa was US$628, compared with US$1,674 in the UK (see STM, December 2011, page 24), making it the most competitively priced ELT destination. This, says Cooper, has not gone unnoticed by student clients. “A Russian couple, who recently joined our school, said they’d done Internet research on the cost of language schools in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and selected South Africa as the most cost-effective.”

Johannes Kraus, Director at Kurus English in Cape Town, observes that while the high cost of living in the aftermath of the World Cup had a negative impact on student intake, he is confident of the international event’s more long-term effects. “I still see a lot of potential for South Africa in the upcoming years. The World Cup hasn’t unfolded its full marketing potential yet. I believe this huge marketing effect is still to come in 2013 and 2014,” he observes.

While Wits Language School is planning to develop additional courses in English for academic purposes and Medical English, EF is looking to attract a slightly older demographic, namely those over the age of 25, by offering more exam or business type programmes, explains the school’s Anka Stenten. Kurus English is also making a play for the older language learner. “We launched a special 50 plus course to address this more and more popular age group,” enthuses Kraus. ”

Read the full article at Hot House Media: http://www.hothousemedia.com/ltm/ltmbackissues/feb12web/feb12marketanalysis.htm

Friends with chocolate are better than friends without chocolate ;)

Thank you to Ursina Sprenger, an agent from Akzent sprachbildung weltweit, and her friend Sandrine Loosli, for popping into Kurus English to learn more about us :)

It was a pleasure to have you here and we hope that you enjoyed talking to all of us here, even our students!

We wish you a safe trip back to Switzerland!  Come again soon!

PS.  oooh and thank you for the delicious Toblerone!! ;)

Kurus & CoffeeBeans Year End Function – Tobogganing !!

This year Kurus English decided to treat it’s staff to a different kind of year end party… Tabogganing!!

Although, at first quite challenging, the Kurus team zipped speedily around the course, breaking records and showing off!

It was a fantastic day and a great way to end off 2011!


They say time flies when you’re having fun and nothing could be more true of the last 3 years for Kurus English. Since it’s inception, the school, thanks to it’s dedicated staff, awesome students and of course, Cape Town itself, has grown from strength to strength. Offering so much more than simply language lessons, everyone who has been through our system will agree that the education at Kurus English provides one with an incredible opportunity to experience South Africa as well as our incredible culture and country.

Our 3rd birthday corresponded perfectly with the arrival of our third FEJO group of 2011 and this was the perfect excuse for a celebratory music dinner! Great food, awesome company, live South African Music, all against the backdrop of the exquisite Table Mountain – one could not have asked for a more perfect evening.

Thank you for being part of the Kurus family! You know who you are :)


Hello everybody!

My name is Viktor, and  I´m really happy to tell you that I´ll be the new intern at Kurus English for the next 5 Months. For the last two years, I have been studying Media Management at Macromedia Hamburg University. Part of my course-work includes an internship which is targeted at further developing my expertise in the field of management. I´m convinced that Kurus English can help me to improve my language and widen my cultural awareness while giving much needed and relevant practical experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kurus English for this great opportunity and for the warm welcome which I received. I will certainly do my best and I will try very hard to give Kurus English something in return.

In the following is a short biography:

  • Born: 29. February 1988 in Moscow (Russia)
  • Hobbies: Football, Muy Thai, Travelling
  • Favourite TV show: Two and a Half Men, South Park, How I met your Mother
  • Favourite food: Greek, Sushi, Italian
  • Favourite movie: Rush Hour 1,2,3
  • Favourite music: RnB & Hip Hop
  • Three words to describe myself: spontaneous, loyal, passionate

I´m looking forward to meeting new students and spending quality time with them.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me whatever you want to know about me or Kurus English!

Kind regards,

Viktor Neu

It’s time to say goodbye!

I can’t believe it – I’m flying back to Germany in two days. The time flew by so quickly.

I arrived in South Africa 10 months ago. I remember it, as if it was yesterday. I was so excited, scared, apprehensive and curious. I didn’t know what to expect. And now I already miss South Africa, Cape Town, the people, my friends…. Just everything!!

Before I came to South Africa, I didn’t know that I’d stay for 10 months. Only 6 months were planned. But I knew very soon that I would like to stay longer. An internship at Kurus English was a great opportunity to extend my stay and to experience more of South Africa, Cape Town, the people and the culture.

I want to thank the whole Kurus Team for the great time I had with you. The opportunity to experience your Language Excursions – they were great fun! Thank you for giving me the chance to improve my English and for making my five months worthwhile.

My 10 months in South Africa were awesome, so eventful and diverse. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss them!!

I hope that I could fulfill your expectations and that I could support Kurus English.

Goodbye Johannes, Diana, Gavin, Ian and Michael!!!

Wish you all the best! We’ll keep in touch!!


Anke’s Farewell Dinner

Yesterday evening, Kurus English organised a small farewell dinner for me at Alan & Jason’s place. Unfortunately, I’m going to leave Kurus English end of the week, because I’m going back to Germany.

Thank you for the delicous dinner, the great evening and the nice presents :)


A Fantastic Story by Elsia (pre-int. student)

James Bond – The man with the Golden Gun

It was very late at the evening and James bond ran across the road quickly. He carefully opened the window, looked around him and jumped inside his room. He could see his heart beating through his chest. Then he took a breath, had a shower and went to bed. However, James kept an eye open…

He was sleeping very peacefully and was dreaming of a very pretty woman with long fair hair who was wearing a red dress. Suddenly at 4 o’clock, he heard a noise from the window! He took immediately his gun from under the pillow.

James Bond crept slowly along the wall, stood next to the curtains and saw something move behind them. He was scared. Then he stood in front of the curtains, pointed his gun and swiftly opened the curtains. It was a woman just like in his dream.

_Mary Goodnight! Said he. What are you doing here?

_Oh James, I have a “Most Immediate” message for you.

James pulled her through the window and, her to the bathroom and sad down on the bath. He turned on the shower and then said:

_Mary what’s happened? What are you doing here?

She was exhausted and said:

_J.B, I’m sorry but it was so important. H.Q sent me to warn you about Hendriks because he’s looking for you.

_who is he? Whispered James

_He’s a top KBG agent but he’s using this name Hendriks and he knows everything

About you!

James cursed:

_What the hell? We have to leave immediately!

James turned off the shower then he led her across the room and opened the bedroom door.

_Oh my Goodness! The man with the Golden Gun. Screamed Mary.

_Scaramanga! Said James hopelessly.

_Ahahahahaha…Yes it’s me! Back inside both of you, put your hands up and don’t make any noise.

New Director of Studies: Gavin Cuttler

Congratulations Gavin!
Kurus English would like to wish you all the best in your new position as Director of Studies (DOS) at Kurus English.

Gavin has taken over the DOS position from Aaliya Bulbulia, who left Kurus English at the end of April. Gavin and Aaliya were jointly responsible for Academics from the outset of Kurus English. From now on Gavin is the sole head of the Academic Department.

All the best, Aaliya!

Aaliya, Kurus English would like to thank you very much for your most valuable support and also for your lasting contribution to the school during the start-up phase!

We wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

A brilliant short story by Elisa (Upper-Intermediate student)

On the spur of the moment I decided to go back. That man, who seemed to be about 70 years old, reminded me my sweet grandpa who had died only one year ago. I missed him so much and I couldn’t leave that man all alone, I couldn’t watch him suffering without doing anything. I went back and simply sat down on the bench just next to him, without saying anything but I was offering my silent presence. The man was still looking out to sea. He seemed desperate and after a little time began to cry very hard, I could see his shoulders jerking from the sobbing. All around everything seemed unrealistically still and I didn’t know what to do, when suddenly the old man began to talk. He told me that his wife, his partner for all his life was dying, she had a terminal condition and there weren’t any doctors or treatment which could save her. He felt very powerless and didn’t know how to relate the sad prognosis to their children; he would like to protect them even if they were already grown up. He said that, even though he was a psychologist and he had been helping people for the greater part of his life, he couldn’t now help himself. I felt very aggrieved for his sad situation, but there was something that made me feel uncomfortable: I didn’t know what it was, maybe his way of speaking…it seemed he was trying to convince me of something. I had felt this weird sensation, but I thought it was only my imagination. Then, a gust of wind snatched away the letter from his hands and I quickly ran to pick it up and gave it back to him, but he was screaming at me to let it go. I wondered why for a moment, then, when finally I picked the letter up, I understood. It was a letter from the Psychology Council witch stated that he had been struck off the roll because he had been suspected of murdering his whole family. When I finished reading I could feel him behind my back, I was terrified and there wasn’t anybody else around…

Blanka our Sweepstake Winner from the African Festival 2009 in Aschaffenburg

Dear Johannes and Kurus-Team,

thank you a lot for the prize “English course in Cape Town for two weeks and for the great time in Cape Town. Two weeks have passed so fast. Before I came to Cape Town I was so afraid of speaking English but now I know that my English is better than I thought. The teachers are very competent and warm. I have learned very much in the English lessons, excursions and in the town. Thanks to the teachers who gave me the self-confidence for communication for example with local people. In an English speaking country with native speakers it is easier and more effective to learn English.

It was a great time with you and thanks for everything.

I hope that I can come back soon!

Best wishes

Blanka from Goldbach, Germany

Kurus on Facebook

Kurus English on Facebook

Kurus English on www.mylanguagetravel.com

We would like to invite all our former and current students to write their own review on our school on www.mylanguagetravel.com. That gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with other students and will support our efforts to provide quality English language programs. Just click on www.mylanguagetravel.com to leave your review.

We look forward to all your comments and reviews!

Yours Kurus English Team!

Kurus English stand at the BELTA Expo 2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil

…here are some pics of our stand at the BELTA Expo. It was a great fair. We met a lot of interesting people and motivated Brazilian agencies. Thanks to all who were interested in Kurus English and visited our stand.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Rita, our former intern from Brazil who supported us during the fair.
Thanks Rita you were a great support! We couldn’t have done it without you!

FEJO III Music Dinner 2010 @Paradise Grey

This Tuesday we had our last Fejo Music Dinner for this summer. Luckily, the weather was fantastic and we enjoyed a delicious African Dinner outside in the magnificent garden. Everyone was happy and laughing and chatting to each other.

Black South East”, the live band of the evening, entertained us with lovely songs. Not only the band “rocked” the house this time, also Robert of the Fejo Group showed us his musical talent. He played several songs on the guitar. All of our students were clapping, singing and enjoying the great evening.


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