Evonik Music Dinner

Last night we did it again!! :) we had a lovely dinner to welcome a new Evonik Group… interesting stories, good music, delicious food and good company. A big thank you to everyone who made our Music Dinner happen :)

Happy Birthday Kurus English + FeJo#3 – Music Dinner

Kurus English`s 4th birthday and the visit of the 3rd FeJo-Group for this year provided a perfect opportunity to celebrate! After an aperitive in one of the most amazing gardens in Cape Town, we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Cynthia and Jason. Then it was time for the local band “Black South Easter” to take over and get the party started! Delicious food, super music, cheerful people from all over the world, dancing and chatting everywhere: everything you need for a faboulus party!

Fejo Music Dinner – Welcome to Cape Town!

Kurus English welcomed it’s third FEJO group this year with a rip-roaring set in, without a shadow of a doubt, the most beautiful garden in Cape Town.  Students danced under the stars as local  band Black South Easter created the rhythm that is Cape Town.  The food, magnificently prepared, tantalized everyone’s tastebuds with it’s truely South African flavour.  All in all, a fabulous evening was had by everyone in attendance.

Viva la Cape Town!


A fabulous evening of bopping and jiving was had by all at out second Fejo group’s music dinner!  A picturesque setting, with delicious South African cuisine, with a local Cape Town band “Black South Easter“  playing it was hard to imagine you were anywhere but paradise!

Welcome to Cape Town! Let the magic of our city capture your hearts, free your minds and dance in your souls! :)

FEJO Music Dinner

What better way to be welcomed to Cape Town than with a traditional South African meal, in a garden with a view of the majestic Table Mountain and being seranaded by one of Cape Town’s local bands!

Welcome Welcome Welcome FEJO!  We hope you have the most amazing time here with us! :)

Cape Town’s own “Black South Easter”



They say time flies when you’re having fun and nothing could be more true of the last 3 years for Kurus English. Since it’s inception, the school, thanks to it’s dedicated staff, awesome students and of course, Cape Town itself, has grown from strength to strength. Offering so much more than simply language lessons, everyone who has been through our system will agree that the education at Kurus English provides one with an incredible opportunity to experience South Africa as well as our incredible culture and country.

Our 3rd birthday corresponded perfectly with the arrival of our third FEJO group of 2011 and this was the perfect excuse for a celebratory music dinner! Great food, awesome company, live South African Music, all against the backdrop of the exquisite Table Mountain – one could not have asked for a more perfect evening.

Thank you for being part of the Kurus family! You know who you are :)


Fejo- Music Dinner

Alan and Jason together with Cynthia wowed us once again with their incredible taste in food and music! The Fejo group not only ate and danced, but enjoyed splendid views of Cape Town and Table Mountain on aheightenedsecret garden in Paradise Grey. From uMngqusho, pap, and chicken livers coated with chats and laughs, we were also graced with an unplugged performance by Cape Town’s very own Black South Easters.


Fejo Music Dinner

As much as this is regarded a house party, the main purpose is to eat, have fun, network, and create friendship. Our first Music Dinner was successful, well attended, and filling. Besides the great work by our musical acts, the view of Table Mountain at a secret garden put the cherry on top for this event. Unplugged musical performances had the crowd dancing, and on sale beverages created a balanced social experience. The best part about this particular event is that Kurus English’s individual students opted to join the Fejo 1 group which, at the end, also created friendships within the school boundaries and beyond.

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