Language Excursions, Food and Cuisine

This week we discover Cape Town’s wide food culture. Taste Cape Malay kitchen, do our own chocolate and try Xhosa food. Who can say no to this culinary experiment?

Language Excursions, introduction to Cape Town

May we introduce you to Cape Town? The beautiful city with so many different faces! We started our English Excursions at the nature reserve, Intaka Island. On Wednesday we learned more about the tragic history of District 6. And to sum up we attended a lively drum workshop in Gugulethu. What a stunning week!

Language Excursions, South African History

It’s time for South African history! In this week our Language Excursions focus on the past so that we get a better understanding how the past is still influencing the present. We started our excursion at the Slave Lodge, where Lucy gave us a very interesting tour. Our next stop was the District 6 museum. Our guide Noor, who is a real storyteller, introduced us to the dark chapter of Apartheid. On our last trip we celebrated freedom of movement. Therefore we took the train to Langa, where we visited the Dompass office under the guidance of our energetic guide Mike.

Language Excursions, Food and Cuisine

And the theme of this week’s Language Excursions is: FOOD! Glorious food! Our first Language Excursion took us on a mouth-watering journey! We dived into the world of spices while learning more about the Cape Malay Kitchen. From spicy to sweet! On Wednesday we explored the world of honest chocolate! And I promise you, we didn’t wanna leave! Last but for sure not least we heeded of to Langa, where we tasted real IsiXhosa food, an experience for all senses! Yummy!

Language Excursion, Environment

This weeks Language Excursions started off in Stellenbosch, where we visited the Lynedoch Eco-Village! The first ecologically designed socially mixed intentional community in South Africa. On Wednesday we explored Camissa, meaning “the place of sweet waters”. We followed the elixir of life while learning more about Cape Town’s history. And last but not least we met the incredible Kelvin Cochrane, who introduced us to the Bottom Road Sanctuary Zeekoevlei! A stunning place, where mother nature showed off with all her beauty!


This week the Language Excursions take us on a spiritual journey! Hildegarde Keene, a Sangoma impressed us with her deep knowledge about traditional healing! And it was more than once that we felt goose bumps…What an eye-opening experience. On Wednesday the Imam Dawood (a Muslim leader) opened the doors of his mosque to introduce us to his religion. He showed us a different way to approach life. An experience that widened our horizons and gave us a better understanding about the Islam. In our last excursion Jethro Louw introduced us to unknown energies and to currency. As a Khoi he has a deep connection and knowledge of indigenous spiritual practice.


South African History

This week the language excursions lead us through a part of South African history. Starting off with The Slave Lodge museum. Our next stop was the famous district 6 museum. An absolute must if you want to know more about the dark chapter of apartheid. Our guide was a real storyteller and gave us an impressive but also shocking insight into this part of history. At our last English excursion we celebrated the freedom of movement. Our energetic and informative guide Mike Zuma introduced us to the Dompass in Langa!

Language Excursions, Creativity and Leisure

Our Language Excursions of this week were about expression in art, music and food. We learnt more about the mouth-watering South African kitchen by tasting delicious Cape Malay Food. Then we spent a creative afternoon with the crazy and very talented John Bauer. Not to miss out was the musical excursion to Gugulethu, where we got dragged away by the rhythm of the drums. What a great week!

“Community Development” Language Excursion Week

The theme of our Language Excursions this week was Community Development. On Tuesday we went to Manenberg Waterfront, where the people of ‘The Proudly Manenberg Campaign‘ introduced us to their concept of developing a waterfront with a cultural center, landscaped indigenous gardens and a picnic area within this township. Our second Excursion led us to the Lynedoch EcoVillage, where our lovely host, Ross, told us about the idea of creating a sustainable community. And finally on Thursday, we visited the Cape Town Science Centre to experience playful solutions to current problems in the educational system.

“Building Cities” Language Excursion Week

This week`s Language Excursions were all about Building Cities! We started the week with a City Walk in the CBD (Central Business District) of Cape Town, which is also the place where Cape Town as a city was founded. The next day, we visited our host Mike Zuma in Langa, who gave us insight in to the inspiring visions of  the “Langa Quarter“. The “Langa Quarter” regards Langa as the actual centre of Cape Town and intends to create great benefits for this township through its exceptional location. The last Excursion for this week led us to Khayelitsha where we were informed about the Kuyasa CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Project. This involves the retrofitting of solar water heaters, insulated ceilings and energy efficient lighting in over 2,300 low-cost homes in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

“South African History” Language Excursion Week

Our Language Excursions this week provided our students with an insight into South African History. We started the week with a visit to the Slave Lodge where our host Lucy, informed us about the dark times of slavery. The next day we learned more about life during Apartheid at the District Six Museum, from our wonderful host Noor. As a former inhabitant of District Six, he could tell our students some real-life stories about the forced removals from this part of Cape Town. The last Excursion for this week led us to Langa, where we met our energetic and informative host, Mike Zuma to celebrate Freedom of Movement!

“Food & Cuisine” Language Excursion Week

Our Language Excursions this week  provided our students with the opportunity to taste some of the various flavours of Cape Town. The Excursions led us from BoKaap, where we sampled Cape Malay cuisine, to Langa where we tried some delicious Xhosa-dishes, and finally, to Honest Chocolate, right next to our school, where we made some wonderful chocolate bonbons! Yummy!!

“Food & Cuisine” in week #2

The students were excited and looking forward to this week, after having heard from their peers just how amazing South African cuisine is!  This week’s group tasted Cape Malay cooking, made a Malva pudding at the Westin 5 star hotel and munched on traditional isiXhosa food as well.

South Africa’s melting pot of people means that our cuisine has something for everyone! :)

“Art, Music & Sport” in week #2

This week our students rotated and had the chance to experience the Language Excursion that their peers experienced last week.  They were able to try their hand at some art, test their musical ability, and then their hand-eye coordination!  And they did all of this whilst speaking ENGLISH! Awesome!!

“Food & Cuisine”- Language Excursion week

This week we had two Language Excursions taking place at the same time to guarantee an ideal Language Learning environment for our 26 students! Our second group of students had the chance to try some uniquely South African cuisine.  They visited a Cape Malay resident who cooked up a storm of tantalizing treats, followed by a true Ethiopian spice experience and finally, they rounded off the week with a taste of isiXhosa dishes in one of Cape Town’s townships.

“Art, Music & Sport” Language Excursion Week

This week our students including our FEJO group experienced all the good things in life, so to speak!  Cape Town’s art scene, it’s unique music and it’s love of sport, did not disappoint!

The students visited Studio 41, took part in a drum workshop in Gugulethu and visited Cape Town’s prized soccer stadium! What a way to see Cape Town!

“Environment” Language Excursion Week

The environment is everything that isn’t me.
Albert Einstein

This week our students were given the opportunity to explore Cape Town from an environmental perspective.  Much of what they learnt included how we can improve the spaces we live in and in turn, make a cleaner and healthier space for everyone who lives in Cape town.

On Tuesday the students visited Intaka Island, a rehabilitated island in the middle of a shopping precinct, on Wednesday -Camissa, to discover the secrets of Cape Town’s water, and on Thursday -Green Point Urban Park to learn more about the city’s green areas.

Building Cities Language Excursions

A building is hard to judge. It takes many years to find out whether it works. It’s not as simple as asking the people in the office whether they like it.
Helmut Jahn

This week our students had the opportunity to experience the theme “Building Cities”.  This weekly theme explores how South Africa started in terms of infrastructure, where we are now and how we are going to continue to build our cities so that they connect people to each other as well as to the resources they require.

We started off the week by visiting Kuyasa in Khaylitsha to see a solar panel project that is not only helping a disadvantaged community but is also building a city where people are proud of where they live.  On Wednesday we headed to Mannenberg Waterfront, a project hosted by the NGO, “Proudly Mannenberg” where communities have taken the responsibility of changing where they live into their own hands.  Lastly, we finished off the week with a canal cruise down to the V&A Waterfront to discuss the history of Cape Town as a city as well as opportunities Cape Town city has to look forward to with regards to how to make spaces that connect people with each other.

Community Development Language Excursion Week!

This week our students had the opportunity to take a look at the awesome work some people are doing in their communities. They started out with a visit to “Learn to Earn in Khayalitsha, followed by a visit to Imam Dawood who runs a school for girls and a soup kitchen in the disadvantaged community of Parkwood and lastly to a  shelter in Langa who grow vegetables and support the poorest in their community, to complete the week.  The students were able to empathise with both the people who run the institutions as well as the people who need and use them.

Environment Language Excursion Week!

This week our students were privileged enough to be taken out into authentic situations to learn about South Africa’s environment. On Tuesday we went to Lyndoch, a sustainability institute, where students took a a look at how the residents here are trying to live in harmony with our environment. On Wednesday the students had the opportunity to follow Cape Town’s water down Table Mountain and learn about the “place of sweet waters” or “Camissa” as the Khoi called it. Lastly, the students enjoyed an insightful and mind opening tour of the Green Point Urban Park where they took a look at biodiversity and learned about medicinal plants and healing.

All in all a great week of discovery and exploration in the beautiful city of Cape Town!

A taste of Cape Malay Cuisine

With our weeks Language Excursion theme being “Food & Cuisine”, students started out their South African food experience by visiting firstly, a spice shop and then moving on to a home in the Bo-Kaap area, where they were treated to real, authentic Cape Malay dishes.  From snacks all the way through to dessert, the students were utterly astounded at the variety of flavours the cuisine had to offer.

Building Cities Language Excursions

This week our students had the opportunity to explore Cape Town from the perspective of how the city was built and how structures affect society.  The students went on a City Futures excursion where they took a canal cruise which highlighted the cities vast amount of water.  They also visited the Cape Town Station where they were able to experience both the new and improved façade, but look too at the abandoned back rooms from times gone by. The students also had the opportunity to visit Kuyasa, a project in Langa that through solar heating is bringing great pride to an otherwise very disadvantaged community.  Finally the students visited the Mannenberg Waterfront, which is a community project that looks at reducing crime through community involvement.  They would like to create something that members of their community can be proud of and somewhere where their kids can play, that is not on the streets.

Food & Cuisine

Do you have a sweet-tooth or do you prefer food that sets your mouth on fire?! Whatever the case, South African cuisine has something to make your mouth water!

South African cuisine is sometimes called “rainbow cuisine”, as it has had a variety of multicultural sources. In order to understand a culture, we must first understand what they eat!  The students were given the opportunity to taste Cape Malay Cuisine (as well as try their hands at making samoosas!), create their own malva puddings at the 5 star Westin Grand, and experience shisa nyama a traditional Xhosa style of eating, in an authentic township setting.

Now there’s a bit of food for thought!



The first thing one notices when one arrives in Cape Town is it’s beautiful environment. It’s stunning landscape, fresh waters, picturesque mountains and clean air, distinguish it from other famous cities around the world.  This week Kurus English, along with Coffeebeans Routes,  worked together to provide our current FEJO group with an orientation of the environment “in our neck of the woods”, so to speak!

We visited Intaka Island - a wetlands and bird sanctuary situated right in the centre of the Mother City, learnt about the Reclaim Camsisa project, which is an NGO that focuses on creating a sustainable approach using CT’s natural water system and last but not but not least paid a visit to Cape Town’s own recently opened Greenpoint Urban Park. Due to rain, we were forced to run for cover, but we didn’t let it rain on our parade and we weathered the storm with a drink in hand at Sotano with a spectacular view of the ocean in front of us.

Did you know that there are more species of plants on Table Mountain alone than in the whole of New Zealand?!  Talk about Bio Diversity!


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