Guestbook entry from Ute and Richard

Thanks to the whole Kurus-Team!

2 amazing weeks with very interesting excursions and English-lessons. Best wishes to Gavin! (I refuse to jump out of the window!!!)

Thanks you so much!

Ute & Richard

Ute & Richard

Guestbook entry from Stefan

Dear Kurus

I spent a beautiful month in your school. I’ve had a very good experience here! I really learned a lot, also about the history and people of your country. I’ve never visited such a professional school with such lovely people. You are so helpful in all matters and have an excellent manner to teach. The city is wonderful. South African people are very cool. I hope to come back to Cape Town and your school one day!

Thank you soo much…

Stefan alias Steff

Stefan D


Guestbook entry from Irene, Patrick and Thomas

Many thanks for the interesting Langauge Excursions!

Thank you AGAIN for a wonderful time in your school! With our experience about language schools we can say that it’s a great place! You make the perfect mix of fun and study, what we really like.


Irene, Patrick & Thomas

Irene, Patrick and Thomas

Guestbook entry from Maria

A special thanks to the teachers

I will never forget the time in Cape Town



Guestbook entry from Maike

Thank you so much for that lovely week and the great time!

It was an experience, I will never forget :-)

Best wishes and good luck for your future and don’t change, it was perfect :-)



Guestbook entry from Noura

Thank you! I was here to improve my English for doing my trainings and coachings also in English. This week was very interesting and I loved the way of teaching!  5 stars for this school *****

Best wishes and if I can, I’ll come again

Noura Ben Hassine

Best wishes for you!

Love & light

Succes & Healthiness



Guestbook entry from Sarah and Julian

Dear Kurus English team

Two amazing, interesting and exciting weeks are over now. Our time has run out so quickly. It is appropriate to say a big ‘THANK YOU to all of you. For your patience, your sympathy and for all your efforts. We will never forget and will come back to this great and breathtaking city, Cape Town and South Africa, one day.

Best wishes for your future and a lot of warm thanks!

Sarah and Julian

Sarah & Julian

Guestbook entry from Robert


My vacation in Cape Town was a great experience. I have met a lot of people with nice and different stories about their personal stories about their history in Cape Town. Sometimes I was a little bit shocked because the people told me about their horrible experiences during Apartheid, but they said: I don’t hate the government, I forgive them. This and the idea that we are all humans despite our religion or the colour of your skin is incredible. The English lessons at Kurus gave me a telling that it was easier to understand the language and the culture of this beautiful country. I think I have achieved my goal to learn the English Language and this was only possible with the help of Kurus and Coffeebeans. Thank you very much!


Guestbook entry from Tanja

My heart is full of feelings, emotions and gratitude. Your work and the concept of Kurus English opens the minds of so many people. It is an extraordinary gift to everyone. A special mention must be made to the sympathetic and brilliant teachers, who create this extraordinary atmosphere as well.

All the best for the future and thousand thanks to you all.

Tanja Fey

Tanja Fey

Guestbook entry from FEJO IIII 2013

Dear Kurus Team,

Thank you for the great 2 weeks in Cape Town.

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the beautiful city, the excursions and – of course – the English lessons.

Thank you!

Bianca, Vanessa, Robert, Sarah, Tanja F, Tanja H, Nicole, Julian, Lorena, Julian B, Miriam, Fabian, Leonard, Marvin

FEJO 4 2013

Guestbook entry from Martina


Dear Kurus-Team

I was only for one week in this school, but it was the best first week in Cape Town I could imagine. The excursions were very interesting. Thanks for the view to the life of South Africa and the lovely teachers. An unforgettable week in my life.

Best wishes and I’ll think about you in my internship.


Guestbook entry from Petra


Thank you so much for the wonderful weeks in Cape Town.

I would like to thank you all for your professional way of teaching, your spirit and the beautiful moments at the excursions.

I found out that English is more than grammar and vocabulary. It’s about the view you have and a lot of social skills.

Special thanks to Michael and Ian for the lovely excursions.

All the best for you!



Guestbook entry from Manu

Kurus English team,

My short time here was wonderful. I miss you!!!

Now, I have a real idea about my English and what I need to improve. Guys thanks for patience with my accent and doubts. Of course, sometimes my laughter flamed a bit the other classes, but the reason was the pleasant climate at the school.

Now, I have two special friends, Andrea and Ali! Angie Magie and Gavin thanks for the classes, I hope to find them in Brazil. Diana thanks you for caring.



Guestbook entry from Andrea

Dear Kurus English team,

the reason for my decision to study here was this lovely team. I liked the atmosphere at school. I’ve learned a lot for 2 weeks. The teachers motivated me. They have a lot of patience and a bit talent to teach.

Thank you for the wonderful time here!

Best wishes

Love & light




Guestbook entry from Fejo III 2013

FEJO 3 2013

Dear Kurus-English team!

It was a great pleasure spending two weeks with you in Cape Town. Thank you for so much fun and so many magificent impressions. The excursions were extremely interesting and very helpful to improve our English skills and to learn more about South Africa.

Special thanks to our teachers…

We will sorely miss you all!

Jenny, Jana, Tanja, Nils, Djamel, Markus, Philipp, Steffen, Selina, Martin, Luise, Maik, Johannes, Tom, Lisa

Guestbook entry from Anne

Dear lovely ‘Kurus family’,

I want to thank you for the amazing time with you in Cape Town!

Everytime I felt like being at home because of your warm, friendly and lovely type.

I do learned a lot of the English grammar (thanks to Angie :-)), the best pronuciation with Maggie (“soo difficult” :-)) and all the fun with Gavin during classes!

I made lots of brilliant experiences with you - Thanks for your help and these memories!

I am lucky to see you for the next 5 months!

Hugs & Kisses,



Guest entry from Arantxa

August 2013

Time flies and after 3 weeks it’s time to say goodbye :-(

But before that, some words for …

- Gavin: I couldn’t imagine that grammar classes could be so funny. Thank you so much (as you say) for sharing all your knowlegde with us!

- Kurus & Coffeebeans routes team: Thank you to make my stay here possible. Really interesting language excursions! And great and lovely atmosphere at school!

- All the students I’ve met here: it was nice to meet all of you!

I had a great time. Thanks again!

Who knows where will we meet each other again?

Maybe in the Basque country? ;-)




Guest entry from Victor

victor 2

Thank you everyone for these 3 weeks.

It’s 3 very good weeks but it too short.

Thank you for teaching it’s very different than France, it’s better.

Victor Fau

Guestbook entry from Yumi

Thank you for enjoy days. I studied in English just only two weeks. But I could learn a lot of things.

I love Cape Town!!

Yumi Zato

yumi zato

Bye Bye Kurus English!

Caroline Profile Picture

Dear lovely Kurus English Team!

Wow my time with you went by so quickly! Thank you so much for having me! It has been an absolute pleasure to work for and with you!

We were a good team ☺

Thank you for all your support and the outstanding collaboration. Thank you also for the excellent CAE and CPE preparation. I learned a lot at your unique & very special language school. Please keep this extraordinary atmosphere that makes everybody feel home.

A big thank you also goes to Iain and Michael from Coffeebeans Routes. I really enjoyed each and every Language Excursion. Thank you for letting me encounters Cape Town in a unique and absolutely authentic way. Thank you for being my key for a lot of interesting experiences! Thanks to you I met people from all walks of life and I made friends with people from all corners of the world.

I am totally overwhelmed with all these beautiful memories!

Thank you Johannes, Diana, Gavin, Maggie, Kate, Amos, Iain and Michael!

You’re great! – I wish you only the very best!

BIG HUG Caroline

Guest Book Caroline

Guestbook entry from Christoph

Thanks a lot, it was such a great time.

All the best

Big hug!



Guestbook entry from Achim


Thanks a lot for 3 wonderful weeks! Thanks to the whole Kurus Team – you made the difference!

All the best

Guest entry from Angelika


Many thanks for these two amazing weeks in Cape Town! It was a great time!

Thx to Diana for organization and all information.

Thx to Maggie for really nice atmosphere in our classes.

Thx to Angie for interesting conversations in our private lessons.

I will recommend your school !!!Many thx to Gavin for his impressive kind of teaching !!!

P.S. many thanks to Mike and Iain for interesting language escursions!!!



Guestbook entry from Marina


Thank you for everything!!!

Your team is fantastic.
Special thanks to Gavin who also spoke a lot about the history of South Africa.



Guestbook entry from Lisa


Thanks to the whole Kurus-English-Team for the great time we had. Especially Gavin you were (and are) great!


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