Guestbook entry from Paolo

The time flies, I spent 9 weeks!!

You were much more than a school, you were a REAL FAMILY! I’ts not a goodbye but a see you soon!

With Love,




Guestbook entry from Michael, Melanie and Marina



Dear Diana (Teacher)

Time flies very quickly when you have a lot of fun. Unbelievable that it is over now, we’ll definitely come back!

Melanie, Marina and Michael

Guestbook entry from Monika



Thank you very much for a lovely time at Kurus School!


Guestbook entry from Navina

Thank you very much a lovely time at Kurus School! It was a great experience.

Best wishes and take care!

Navina from Hamburg


Guestbook entry from EVONIK

Thank you! It was a great experience and we had a wonderful time! :) :)


Guestbook entry from Thomas

Dear Gavin, Dear Kurus Team…

I has a lovely stay in Cape Town and it was always s pleasure to return once a week (at least :) ) for a chat with Gavin.

You see, school can be fun! :)

Thanks for all,




Guestbook entry from Michael

I really enjoyed my stay in Cape Town with you….

Thank you



Guestbook entry from FEJO Group

Dear Kurus Team,

Thank you for those great two weeks and the great experience. Janina

Thanks at the 07 march 2014 my english was not the yellow from the egg, now it’s snow from yesterday :)  Vero

Thank you so much. I’ll never forget the time here in Cape Town :) Franzi

I learned a lot! Thank you! Gabi

It was my best English class ever! Fabian

Thank you for everything! this was definitely not my last trip to cape Town. Jenny

I really enjoyed my time in Cape Town with you :) Carina

Thank you very much for the wonderful time we had. I really enjoyed it. Jessy

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. Justine

Thank you for everything I enjoyed it a lot!. Jessy




Guestbook entry from Holger

Though I had only one short week with Kurus I really enjoyed a lot! Thank you Maggie for teaching me the “Music of English”!

See you next time!



Guestbook entry from Beat

Dearest Kurus Team!

We all know about the SouthAfrican virus. But be aware of the newly discovered Kurus – Virus. It keep you on coming back to Kurus regularly. The short stay was outstanding!

I will miss you until the next time!



Guestbook entry from Carla

Thank you for the amazing time Kurus!

I enjoyed every moment, every day with everybody in this school. Thank you Diana, Laura and Johannes, and a very special thank you to Gavin who brightned my days – every single day, and he knows so much about the SA history. It was so great getting to know you guys.


Guestbook entry from Aline and Damien

Hi Kurus!

Maybe you’ll need a French-English dictionnary (or Gavin) to translate this birth announcement. MATHILDE is looking fordward to discovering Cape Town.

Aline and Damien


Guestbook entry from Sarah

Dear Kurus Team!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

I came here to visit my boyfriend Lucas and actually I “only” wanted to extend my normal holidays a little by doing some “Bildungsurlaub” ( :)  I know you love us Bildungsurlaub students, Gavin) here at Kurus and to be honest: I didn’t expect it to be that great!! It was so much fun, I got to know very wonderful people and I learned so much!!

I hope to see you all again in July!

Ps: The excursions were the best!

Love and many hugs!




Guestbook entry from Sultan

Dear Kurus Team:

Thank you so much for a great time here. It was a pleasure to study here.

I wish you all the best for your future.


Sultan Alsaleh



Guestbook entry from Ruth

Thank you all for the precious moments with you!

Diana for having been my chef anchor

Gaving for your broad knowledge of language & country and the entertaining ATM…

Johannes for the valuable chats

Ian, Michael, Sabelo and Natascha for the wonderfully expanding my RSA horizon, and all others for keeping me company!

Cape Town has been a unique experience of life!


+ Hugs,

Umlungu Ruth


Guestbook entry from Heidi

I’m here for the second time

Needless to say anything else!



Guestbook entry from Carmen

Recipe for luck:

Enjoy a lot, Laugh a lot, Love a lot, Go to Cape Town, learn English with Kurus



Guestbook entry from Philipp

Dear Kurus,

I was only one week here in Kurus Language School, but it was a fantastic week.  I will come back, thanks for everything!

Philipp from Aachen


Guestbook entry from Nicole

Dear Kurus Team,

Thanks a lot for an amazing time in Cape Town.

All of you are so warm hearted and friendly. The time was too short for this beautiful city so I’ll must come back :).

Best wishes,



Guestbook entry from Stefan

Dear Kurus- and Coffeebeans-Team,

I studied for 7 weeks in your school and I had an absolutely great time.

Unfortunately the time has passed very quickly, but I will remember the great moments in class and on the language excursions. I really enjoyed to learn English and also  so much about the South African culture and history.

I will  continue to improve my English skills in the next 4 months here in Cape Town. Thanks you for your friendly and fantastic work.

You are a great time!


Stefan K

Guestbook entry from Bettina

Dear Kurus,

Thank you for these wonderful 2 weeks. I enjoyed every minute. It was a pleasure to being with you.

Thanks for all,



Guestbook entry from Kevin

Dear Kurus

I never thought I would be writing this letter before, I say goodbye forever. I just want you to know how grateful I am. I had an extraordinary time. There were students and teachers here who I have became close to. It’s just hart to find the right words to express it. And it is harder when my relationship has traversed huge thing like culture and language.

Thanks, all of us keep in touch. Wish you all the best,



Guestbook entry from Sonja

Thanks for having a GREAT time in Cape Town.

All the best,



Guestbook entry from Esther

Thanks to everybody

I had a fantastic time with all the young people from Germany



Guestbook entry from FEJO IIIII 2013

Dear Kurus-Team,

It’s been such a lovely experience to spent time with you in Cape Town. Every day was very special and full of fun and action. It was a great pleasure to be your students. So thank you for the fabulous time, we hope we’ll see you all some day again!

Lukas M, Christian L, Markus, Esther, Andreas C, Carina, Anne, Christian W, Sascha and Barbara


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