Language Excursion: World Design Capital 2014

Author: · April 25. 2014 · Language Excursions

Another week full of knowledge and fun! :) The topic of this week for our Language Excursions was World Design Capital. First we explored  The Langa Quarter project, so the students were there and learned that The Langa Quarter intends to benefit from the physical change in town planning to position itself as a new gateway to the city.

On wednesday, we visited SEED, which is a not-for-profit ecological programme that teaches ecological literacy in schools. Students learnt about food production, eco-systems, and their own roles in the eco-systems. Finally, we went to Woodstock to check the street art. As part of this journey we visited the Side Street Studios and we looked at the overall structure of Woodstock as a diverse set of communities, from the mountainside to the seaside.

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