The EducationStars Award shows the educational services, quality and customer. They were introduced in 2011 and uniquely in the international education industry, are based on student ratings only.

This time, we are proud to announce that THE WINNER IN SOUTH AFRICA ISKURUS ENGLISH for the second year in a row! Thank you to all the students who filled in the evaluation forms and rated us!


Guestbook entry from Thomas

Dear Gavin, Dear Kurus Team…

I has a lovely stay in Cape Town and it was always s pleasure to return once a week (at least :) ) for a chat with Gavin.

You see, school can be fun! :)

Thanks for all,




Guestbook entry from Michael

I really enjoyed my stay in Cape Town with you….

Thank you



Guestbook entry from FEJO Group

Dear Kurus Team,

Thank you for those great two weeks and the great experience. Janina

Thanks at the 07 march 2014 my english was not the yellow from the egg, now it’s snow from yesterday :)  Vero

Thank you so much. I’ll never forget the time here in Cape Town :) Franzi

I learned a lot! Thank you! Gabi

It was my best English class ever! Fabian

Thank you for everything! this was definitely not my last trip to cape Town. Jenny

I really enjoyed my time in Cape Town with you :) Carina

Thank you very much for the wonderful time we had. I really enjoyed it. Jessy

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. Justine

Thank you for everything I enjoyed it a lot!. Jessy




Guestbook entry from Holger

Though I had only one short week with Kurus I really enjoyed a lot! Thank you Maggie for teaching me the “Music of English”!

See you next time!



Language Excursion: Food & Cuisine

For this week we introduced our students into the South African Food & Cuisine

First we went into the Cape Malay to show our students that this cuisine is characterized by the use of a large variety of spices imported in 1658 by the Malay slaves.  Then, they had the chance to make their own chocolate at  Honest Chocolate, in Woodstock. Finally,  we brought them to our friend and cook Sheila Tempi  in the suburb of Gugulethu. Our students sampled a selection of Loxion Cuisine dishes and traditional Xhosa dishes.

We hope you guys had fun! :)


Guestbook entry from Beat

Dearest Kurus Team!

We all know about the SouthAfrican virus. But be aware of the newly discovered Kurus – Virus. It keep you on coming back to Kurus regularly. The short stay was outstanding!

I will miss you until the next time!



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