Language Excursion: World Design Capital 2014

Another week full of knowledge and fun! :) The topic of this week for our Language Excursions was World Design Capital. First we explored  The Langa Quarter project, so the students were there and learned that The Langa Quarter intends to benefit from the physical change in town planning to position itself as a new gateway to the city.

On wednesday, we visited SEED, which is a not-for-profit ecological programme that teaches ecological literacy in schools. Students learnt about food production, eco-systems, and their own roles in the eco-systems. Finally, we went to Woodstock to check the street art. As part of this journey we visited the Side Street Studios and we looked at the overall structure of Woodstock as a diverse set of communities, from the mountainside to the seaside.

Guestbook entry from Paolo

The time flies, I spent 9 weeks!!

You were much more than a school, you were a REAL FAMILY! I’ts not a goodbye but a see you soon!

With Love,




Language Excursion: Environment & History

This week we had such a good time during our Languages Excursions! First we took our students to Intaka Island. Intaka is a word from the ixiXhosa language meaning `bird’. Intaka Island is a nature reserve and natural wetlands. Then, we went into Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) which is the first central city project to restore productive farming land; and finally we went into the Langa Pass Office Museum. There, we had the opportunity to learn interesting facts.

Guestbook entry from Michael, Melanie and Marina



Dear Diana (Teacher)

Time flies very quickly when you have a lot of fun. Unbelievable that it is over now, we’ll definitely come back!

Melanie, Marina and Michael

Guestbook entry from Monika



Thank you very much for a lovely time at Kurus School!


Guestbook entry from Navina

Thank you very much a lovely time at Kurus School! It was a great experience.

Best wishes and take care!

Navina from Hamburg


Guestbook entry from EVONIK

Thank you! It was a great experience and we had a wonderful time! :) :)


Language Excursion: Food and Cuisine

This week we had DELICIOUS Language Excursions (Food & Cuisine). First we got immersed into the Cape Malay Cuisine to show our students that it is characterized by the use of a large variety of spices imported in 1658 by the Malay slaves. Then, we went to Honest Chocolate, where we had the chance not only to taste a healthy chocolate but to do it ourselves! and finally we went to taste isiXhosa dishes in Gugulethu, one of the Cape Town’s townships!! YUMMY YUMMY!! :)

Language Excursion: Introduction to Cape Town

Let’s introduce our students to this amazing mother city: Cape Town!

For our first Language Excursion of the week, John Bauer hosted a simple art workshop aimed at people who are not artists. Then, we went to Gugulethu to learn more about drum and marimba and how to play them. Our host also manufactures the instruments, so he has a big knowledge about it.

The last Language Excursion led us to the District 6 Museum. Our wonderful host Noor, a former inhabitant of District Six, told us very interesting stories about life during Apartheid.

Evonik Music Dinner

Last night we did it again!! :) we had a lovely dinner to welcome a new Evonik Group… interesting stories, good music, delicious food and good company. A big thank you to everyone who made our Music Dinner happen :)


The EducationStars Award shows the educational services, quality and customer. They were introduced in 2011 and uniquely in the international education industry, are based on student ratings only.

This time, we are proud to announce that THE WINNER IN SOUTH AFRICA ISKURUS ENGLISH for the second year in a row! Thank you to all the students who filled in the evaluation forms and rated us!


Guestbook entry from Thomas

Dear Gavin, Dear Kurus Team…

I has a lovely stay in Cape Town and it was always s pleasure to return once a week (at least :) ) for a chat with Gavin.

You see, school can be fun! :)

Thanks for all,




Guestbook entry from Michael

I really enjoyed my stay in Cape Town with you….

Thank you



Guestbook entry from FEJO Group

Dear Kurus Team,

Thank you for those great two weeks and the great experience. Janina

Thanks at the 07 march 2014 my english was not the yellow from the egg, now it’s snow from yesterday :)  Vero

Thank you so much. I’ll never forget the time here in Cape Town :) Franzi

I learned a lot! Thank you! Gabi

It was my best English class ever! Fabian

Thank you for everything! this was definitely not my last trip to cape Town. Jenny

I really enjoyed my time in Cape Town with you :) Carina

Thank you very much for the wonderful time we had. I really enjoyed it. Jessy

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. Justine

Thank you for everything I enjoyed it a lot!. Jessy




Guestbook entry from Holger

Though I had only one short week with Kurus I really enjoyed a lot! Thank you Maggie for teaching me the “Music of English”!

See you next time!



Language Excursion: Food & Cuisine

For this week we introduced our students into the South African Food & Cuisine

First we went into the Cape Malay to show our students that this cuisine is characterized by the use of a large variety of spices imported in 1658 by the Malay slaves.  Then, they had the chance to make their own chocolate at  Honest Chocolate, in Woodstock. Finally,  we brought them to our friend and cook Sheila Tempi  in the suburb of Gugulethu. Our students sampled a selection of Loxion Cuisine dishes and traditional Xhosa dishes.

We hope you guys had fun! :)


Guestbook entry from Beat

Dearest Kurus Team!

We all know about the SouthAfrican virus. But be aware of the newly discovered Kurus – Virus. It keep you on coming back to Kurus regularly. The short stay was outstanding!

I will miss you until the next time!



Guestbook entry from Carla

Thank you for the amazing time Kurus!

I enjoyed every moment, every day with everybody in this school. Thank you Diana, Laura and Johannes, and a very special thank you to Gavin who brightned my days – every single day, and he knows so much about the SA history. It was so great getting to know you guys.


Guestbook entry from Aline and Damien

Hi Kurus!

Maybe you’ll need a French-English dictionnary (or Gavin) to translate this birth announcement. MATHILDE is looking fordward to discovering Cape Town.

Aline and Damien


Guestbook entry from Sarah

Dear Kurus Team!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

I came here to visit my boyfriend Lucas and actually I “only” wanted to extend my normal holidays a little by doing some “Bildungsurlaub” ( :)  I know you love us Bildungsurlaub students, Gavin) here at Kurus and to be honest: I didn’t expect it to be that great!! It was so much fun, I got to know very wonderful people and I learned so much!!

I hope to see you all again in July!

Ps: The excursions were the best!

Love and many hugs!




Guestbook entry from Sultan

Dear Kurus Team:

Thank you so much for a great time here. It was a pleasure to study here.

I wish you all the best for your future.


Sultan Alsaleh



Guestbook entry from Ruth

Thank you all for the precious moments with you!

Diana for having been my chef anchor

Gaving for your broad knowledge of language & country and the entertaining ATM…

Johannes for the valuable chats

Ian, Michael, Sabelo and Natascha for the wonderfully expanding my RSA horizon, and all others for keeping me company!

Cape Town has been a unique experience of life!


+ Hugs,

Umlungu Ruth


Colombian Touch at Kurus!

Hello Everyone! Do you enjoy summer days? I love them, as well as loving summer I love getting to know people and exploring new cultures.

My Name is Laura Cruz, I am 22 years old and I come from Colombia.  I studied Modern Languages for business and technology in Bogota, which is the capital of Colombia.  When I finished my studies I came to Cape Town to practice my English and during my trip I found Kurus English School. I got such a nice surprise when I experienced their hospitality and I fell in love with how colorful the school, students and the staff are, it never feels like you are going into a school. It is so warm and welcoming.

Now, I am part of the team as an Intern and I will be here until May. I am so excited about this opportunity, I am pretty sure I will not only learn new things and make newfriends but also this experience is going to contribute to my growth and add to my professional profile. The most important thing for me is that I am going to enjoy what I am doing, it’s like some people say: “Do what you love because that is what you will do well in.”

I will do my best to assist the team with the school’s marketing campaign and if you would like to know more about me or about Kurus English, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you.

Hope to see you at Kurus English School very soon!

Kind regards,

Laura Cruz

Laura Cruz

Language Excursion: Introduction to Cape Town

This week we gave our students an Introduction to Cape Town. First we had a look at art in Cape Town. We visited the artist Roscoe Reid Masters, who is currently lecturing at CPUT as well as a practising artist based at Studio 41 in Cape Town. Our students participated in a simple art workshop aimed at people who are not artists.

Camissa, ‘the place of sweet waters’ is the ancient Khoi name for Cape Town. Our students went for a walk through this wonderful nature environment. We were hosted by Caron and followed the Camissa on a short journey down the mountain. Caron is the founder of the Reclaim Camissa project, which was started to re-establish the Camissa within the city, and reconnect citizens and spaces to the water.

For our last excursion we went to Gugulethu to learn more about drum and marimba and how to play them. Our host also manufactures the instruments, so he has a big knowledge about it. They gave us a demonstration and we played in their backyard. This excursion was about feeling the rhythm and having fun. They ROCKED the place!

Guestbook entry from Heidi

I’m here for the second time

Needless to say anything else!



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