Language Excursion: World Design Capital 2014

Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. Our Language Excursions this week were about Cape Town World Design Capital 2014. Only 2 weeks left until Cape Town becomes the World Design Captial of 2014. Our students went to Langa, a suburb that is the dead centre of the city if you look on the map, a group of people have begun a project called The Langa Quarter. This is a project to put Langa on the map.

Woodstock is an incredibly diverse area both in terms of the people that live there and its economics. We went to visit the new Woodstock Exchange, explored street art and looked at the overall structure of Woodstock as a diverse set of communities, from the mountainside to the seaside.

Our last Language Excursion of the week was to The Urban Abundance Centre in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain, this is the showroom for what SEED is trying to achieve. We learned a lot about plants, seeds, food, herbs and the environment.

Guestbook entry from Nicole

Dear Kurus Team,

Thanks a lot for an amazing time in Cape Town.

All of you are so warm hearted and friendly. The time was too short for this beautiful city so I’ll must come back :).

Best wishes,



Guestbook entry from Stefan

Dear Kurus- and Coffeebeans-Team,

I studied for 7 weeks in your school and I had an absolutely great time.

Unfortunately the time has passed very quickly, but I will remember the great moments in class and on the language excursions. I really enjoyed to learn English and also  so much about the South African culture and history.

I will  continue to improve my English skills in the next 4 months here in Cape Town. Thanks you for your friendly and fantastic work.

You are a great time!


Stefan K

Guestbook entry from Bettina

Dear Kurus,

Thank you for these wonderful 2 weeks. I enjoyed every minute. It was a pleasure to being with you.

Thanks for all,



Guestbook entry from Kevin

Dear Kurus

I never thought I would be writing this letter before, I say goodbye forever. I just want you to know how grateful I am. I had an extraordinary time. There were students and teachers here who I have became close to. It’s just hart to find the right words to express it. And it is harder when my relationship has traversed huge thing like culture and language.

Thanks, all of us keep in touch. Wish you all the best,



Guestbook entry from Sonja

Thanks for having a GREAT time in Cape Town.

All the best,



Language Excursion: Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life. This week’s Language Excursion Theme is “Biodiversity”… However, in order to commemorate and celebrate late former President Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, we had having a special Madiba City Walk  on Wednesday.

Our first Language Excursion was to Rondevlei Nature Reserve, it offers a quiet and secluded alternative to the hustle and bustle of urban life.

On Wednesday our students had a language excursion about Mr. Nelson Mandela. They learned more about Apartheid, his role in this and about his personality. After the excursions we went to Nelson Mandela Memorial at the Cape Town Stadium together with our students. We and 35,000 other South Africans celebrated Madiba’s life.

The last Language Excursions was to The Kuyasa CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Pilot Project, this involves the retrofitting of solar water heater, insulated ceilings and energy efficient lighting in over 2 300 low-cost homes in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The project will see an immediate impact on the social, health and economic well-being of the targeted beneficiaries.

Memorial Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

A moment of silence to remember Mr Nelson Mandela. An incredible inspiring person to the world passed away on the 5th of December 2013. May he find peace and may his legacy be carried on forever. Rest in Peace, Madiba.



Guestbook entry from Esther

Thanks to everybody

I had a fantastic time with all the young people from Germany



Guestbook entry from FEJO IIIII 2013

Dear Kurus-Team,

It’s been such a lovely experience to spent time with you in Cape Town. Every day was very special and full of fun and action. It was a great pleasure to be your students. So thank you for the fabulous time, we hope we’ll see you all some day again!

Lukas M, Christian L, Markus, Esther, Andreas C, Carina, Anne, Christian W, Sascha and Barbara


Language Excursion: South African History

South Africa has a long path of history.  This week we focused on that history so that our students could learn more about South Africa during Apartheid, and how it is trying to make changes. We started with a Language Excursion to the District 6 Museum. Our students listened to the real-life stories of our wonderful host, Noor, and they got an overview about District Six during apartheid.

Camissa, meaning ‘the place of sweet waters‘ is the ancient Khoi name for Cape Town. On this Language Excursion our host Caron, founder of the Reclaim Camissa, showed us the stories of the people, culture and development of the city, by following the path of water. We followed the Camissa on a short journey down the mountain.

Our last stop was to Langa, together with our students we took a 1th class train ride and celebrated Freedom of Movement. After this we visited the Pass Museum to find out about the Dompas that was used during Apartheid.

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