Language Excursion: Food & Cuisine

Author: · November 29. 2013 · Language Excursions

This week we focused on the South African food culture. We visited our host Na-Iema, who invited us into her lovely home. Besides of learning about the South African food history and the different spice routes, our students also had the chance to make their own Samosas.

We went to the founders of Honest Chocolate, Anthony Gird and Michael de Klerk, at their chocolate studio in Woodstock. Our student discovered the chocolate making process and could taste and make their own delicious and healthy chocolate!

People gather at chisa nyamas. These are the most popular eateries of the townships. Chisa nyama is a Zulu phrase and it literally means “burn the meat”. They are butcheries with barbeques. You order your meat and it is sent through to the barbeque for cooking, before being delivered to your table. We visited Nomzamo chisa nyama in Langa to try some great meat.

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