Language Excursion: World Design Capital 2014

Author: · November 22. 2013 · Language Excursions

The theme of this weeks’ Language Excursions were World Design Capital 2014. Cape Town is selected to be the world Design Capital of 2014.

First excursion was toDepartment of Coffee in Khayelitsha. We took a look in the coffee shop, we walked the same route they take to deliver coffees each day to the central part of Khayelitsha and we sampled some of their coffee.

SEED is a not-for-profit ecological programme that teaches ecological literacy in schools. We went to Mitchells Plain to check out their Urban Abundance Centre. The tour has been short-listed as a World Design Capital project for 2014 due to its vision of connecting communities to the natural environment and helping to shift how we perceive ourselves and the environments we live and work in.

Our last Language Excursion was to Woodstock. The students took a look at the new Woodstock Exchange. After this we walked through Woodstock to see some great street art

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