Language Excursion: Building Cities

Author: · November 15. 2013 · Language Excursions

This week our Language Excursions are about Building Cities. Our students went to Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF). This is the first central city project to restore productive farming land. It’s becoming a thriving landmark of the fresh produce eco-system. There is a fresh produce market every Saturday, with small farmers around the city selling their goods. Our students loved the nature on the farm!

The Cape Town inner-city, where Kurus English is situated, is the original city. This is where Cape Town as a city began. We took our students on a City Walk in the Central Business District of Cape Town. They saw some wonderful buildings, shops, and green areas.

Our last Language Excursion was to Langa, a suburb that is the dead centre of the city. A group of people started a project, which is called Langa Quarter. This is a project to create an alternative centre in Langa. It imagines Langa as the centre of Cape Town. We introduced the students to the people of this project and to their vision about shifting the city centre.

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