Language Excursion: South African History

Author: · November 1. 2013 · Language Excursions

Let’s dive into the History of South Africa. We took a train ride in first class and celebrated freedom. During the Apartheid era black people couldn’t take a train ride in first class, this was only for white people. After this we went to the Pass Museum to learn more about the Dompas that was used during Apartheid.

The Slave Lodge is one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town. The definition of slavery is broad. Many forms of slave labour existed in the past and many forms of labour can be called unfree or bonded labour. The form of slavery used in the Cape Colony is called chattel slavery. Chattel slaves were taken from the land of their birth and forced to go to different places where they were sold again. Our host Lucy gave us a very interesting tour about the dark times of slavery.

The last Language Excursion led us to the District 6 Museum. Our wonderful host Noor, a former inhabitant of District Six, told us very interesting stories about life during Apartheid. Our students listened carefully when he told the real-life stories about  the forced removals from this part of Cape Town.

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