Language Excursion: Food & Cuisine

Author: · October 25. 2013 · Language Excursions

YUMMY YUMMY in my tummy!

This week our students discovered more about the Food & Cuisine of South Africa. We started  with Cape Malay Food. This cuisine is characterized by the use of  a large variety of spices. We visited Na-Iema, our lovely host of the day, and we made and tasted some delicious dishes.

Our next stop was to Honest Chocolate. Their chocolate is organic AND healthy. Who is able to resist this sugar-free and dairy-free delicatesse? It was DEVINE!

The last Language Excursion was to the home of Sheila and Blackie Tempi in Gugulethu for a session on Loxion homecooking. Loxion food is mostly made up of starch. Often there is also traditional beer, or Umqombhothi, which is a beer made from maize. It was a great week with amazing food and people!

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