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Cape Town has officially been named 3rd on the Lonely Planet list of the 10 Best Cities to Visit in 2014! According to the article Cape Town is destined to get even prettier as it takes on the title of World Design Capital for 12 inspirational months.

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Language Excursion: Food & Cuisine

YUMMY YUMMY in my tummy!

This week our students discovered more about the Food & Cuisine of South Africa. We started  with Cape Malay Food. This cuisine is characterized by the use of  a large variety of spices. We visited Na-Iema, our lovely host of the day, and we made and tasted some delicious dishes.

Our next stop was to Honest Chocolate. Their chocolate is organic AND healthy. Who is able to resist this sugar-free and dairy-free delicatesse? It was DEVINE!

The last Language Excursion was to the home of Sheila and Blackie Tempi in Gugulethu for a session on Loxion homecooking. Loxion food is mostly made up of starch. Often there is also traditional beer, or Umqombhothi, which is a beer made from maize. It was a great week with amazing food and people!

Guestbook entry from Martina


Dear Kurus-Team

I was only for one week in this school, but it was the best first week in Cape Town I could imagine. The excursions were very interesting. Thanks for the view to the life of South Africa and the lovely teachers. An unforgettable week in my life.

Best wishes and I’ll think about you in my internship.


Guestbook entry from Petra


Thank you so much for the wonderful weeks in Cape Town.

I would like to thank you all for your professional way of teaching, your spirit and the beautiful moments at the excursions.

I found out that English is more than grammar and vocabulary. It’s about the view you have and a lot of social skills.

Special thanks to Michael and Ian for the lovely excursions.

All the best for you!



Language Excursion: World Design Capital

This week our Language Excursion was about World Design Capital 2014. How exciting! A fireman, a barista and a towel factory employee decided to open the first coffee shop in a township in the Western Cape. It is called the Department of Coffee and we visited them! It has become a real attraction in Khayelitsha.

The next day we went to Woodstock. Apartheid’s group areas act did not split the area racially. Which means that today Woodstock is an incredibly diverse area both in terms of the people that live there and its economics.  We saw a lot of street art in Woodstock!

Our last Language Excursion of the week was to SEED. This is a not-for-profit ecological programme that teaches ecological literacy in schools. In cities, children are largely disconnected from the natural environment.  SEED focuses on school programmes and on setting up schools in under-resourced areas as centres of outdoor learning. Students learn about food production, eco-systems, and their own roles in the eco-systems.


Language Excursion: South African History

It’s time to learn more about South African history! We took our students to the District 6 Museum where they found out about District Six and Apartheid. We saw how much impact this had, and still has, on people in South Africa. Apartheid was a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the National Party government in South Africa between 1948 and 1994, where the rights of the majority non-white inhabitants of South Africa were withheld and restricted while minority rule by white people was maintained.

Our next stop was Langa. The Pass Laws Act 1952 made it compulsory for all black South Africans over the age of 16 to carry a “pass book” at all times. The law stipulated where, when, and for how long a person could remain. This pass was also known as a dompas. We visited Langa Township Heritage Museum (Dompas Museum), it was once a pass office and court in the apartheid era.


Guestbook entry from Manu

Kurus English team,

My short time here was wonderful. I miss you!!!

Now, I have a real idea about my English and what I need to improve. Guys thanks for patience with my accent and doubts. Of course, sometimes my laughter flamed a bit the other classes, but the reason was the pleasant climate at the school.

Now, I have two special friends, Andrea and Ali! Angie Magie and Gavin thanks for the classes, I hope to find them in Brazil. Diana thanks you for caring.



Guestbook entry from Andrea

Dear Kurus English team,

the reason for my decision to study here was this lovely team. I liked the atmosphere at school. I’ve learned a lot for 2 weeks. The teachers motivated me. They have a lot of patience and a bit talent to teach.

Thank you for the wonderful time here!

Best wishes

Love & light




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