Language Excursion: Community Development

Author: · August 23. 2013 · Language Excursions

Our first trip was to Shelter a small shop and vegetable garden in Langa. We were there to see Dumi, a man whose born, raised and still lives in Langa. Shelter is a piece of land owned by the city, and has been occupied by Dumi and a group of Rastafarians for more than 15 years now. We explored Shelter and what it is presently doing, and particularly looking at the plans for its future and how they will aid community development.

The students visited Imam Dawood at Parkwood Mosque, we mainly focused on what he is doing as an Imam in community development. For example, being involved in a school for girls whose families would otherwise not be able to afford an education for them.

The Department of Coffee was the first coffee shop in a township, Khayelitsha, in the Western Cape. Our students met the three ambitious entrepreneurs of the coffee shop and learned more about their story. We walked the route, that the owners do each day, to deliver their coffee and we got the opportunity to taste some of their coffee. How amazing!


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