Peter Knecht’s 50+ experience

Author: · June 6. 2013 · 50+ English Tuition Package

Have a look how Peter Knecht, a former 50+ Student, experienced his stay at Kurus English. Follow him through his special Cape Town adventure. Just click this link and join Peter on his 50+ journey: https://picasaweb.google.com/112529293328028788403/Kurus11_22022013?authkey=Gv1sRgCKjtwtfm3teBcg&feat=email#

During his stay at Kurus English Peter encountered a lot of unique places in and around Cape Town. Starting off with the visit of a Sangoma, a traditional healer and the Imam Dawood (a Muslim leader), who opened the doors of his mosque, followed by the excursion to Greenpoint park, where Jethro Louw introduced him to unknown energies and currency. Peter also set foot into the Lynedoch Eco-Village, discovered Camissa, the place of sweet waters and met Kelvin Cochrane, who showed him the Buttom Road Sanctuary Zeekoevlei. At the weekend Peter went on the Cape Peninsula Route and he seduced his taste buds on the mouth-watering Gourmet Route as well as at the Jazz-Safari evening!

Thank you very much to Peter Knecht for sharing his beautiful memories and pictures with us.


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