Happy Birthday Kurus English + FeJo#3 – Music Dinner

Kurus English`s 4th birthday and the visit of the 3rd FeJo-Group for this year provided a perfect opportunity to celebrate! After an aperitive in one of the most amazing gardens in Cape Town, we enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Cynthia and Jason. Then it was time for the local band “Black South Easter” to take over and get the party started! Delicious food, super music, cheerful people from all over the world, dancing and chatting everywhere: everything you need for a faboulus party!

Hi Everybody!

My name is Florian Abel and I`m really looking forward to the next seven weeks because I am doing an internship at Kurus English here in Cape Town!

I am 27 years old and I`m studying Business Education as a major and English as a minor subject at the University of Bamberg, Germany. In 2010, I attended Kurus English for a two-week intensive English course. From that time onwards, I desperately wanted to return to this wonderful city and to this great language school.

I would like to thank the whole Kurus English Team for giving me this fine opportunity to improve my English, to learn more about the culture of Cape Town and South Africa and, last but not least, to gain further insight into the processes of English language teaching and learning. I assure you that I will do my very best to support you!

If you would like to find out more about me or about Kurus English, please feel free to contact me.

I`m so looking forward to meeting many new Kurus students and friends!



Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for these two weeks with you, and in particular, thanks to my teacher who was very professional and so friendly.


Kurus English launches English + Wine Programme

The Western Cape is known all over the world as one of the major wine producing regions on this planet. Wines of truly world class quality are made in areas such as Constantia and Stellenbosch, which are close to the city of Cape Town.

Kurus English offers its students the opportunity to to improve their English as well as to dive into the fascinating world of wine.

This two-week-programme consists of 20 lessons per week of General Intensive English and three lessons per week with a specific focus on wine-related language. Additionally, the students participate in three Language Excursions per week, covering elements such as wine history in the Cape, labour and ownership, and the unique pinotage grape. There will be plenty of opportunities for tastings and deep engagements with wine industry roleplayers.

English & Wine in Cape Town, South Africa: 05.01.2013-19.01.2013


  • 2 weeks General English Language Course, 20 lessons per week, including all course materials
  • Special Wine Preparation class (3 lessons per week)
  • 6 Wine related Excursions
  • Peninsula Route: Guided Tour to the Cape of Good Hope around the Cape Peninsula
  • 2 Airport Transfers


  • Single Room/ Double Room with Breakfast at a Host Family in Cape Town, max 30 minutes away from the school


depending on number of participants, excluding flights:

6 participants:                   EUR 2.010

7 participants:                   EUR 1.960

8 participants:                   EUR 1.920

9 participants:                   EUR 1.890

10 participants                  EUR 1.860

For further details please find attached a 2-week overview of the programme, the additional and optional tour descriptions as well as the detailed Wine-Excursions programme delivered by Coffeebeans Routes.

Optional Tours_English and Wine

Modules_Educational Wine Programme

Itinerary_English and Wine

Thank you so much!

Hey guys, what a nice picture, isn`t it? Looks like back in the 80`s!

I just wanted to say thank you for awesome 12 weeks! I learned a lot about the culture and it was a mission to open myself and to improve my English, but I managed to do so.

Thank you so much, I hope to see you again soon.



In these nine weeks at Kurus English I learned a lot and enjoyed it.

I hope to see you again in August!!

Best wishes,



Thank you!

My first contact with South Africa was Kurus English and I have to say that it has been a very good experience for me.

Thanks for your time, your lessons and for being friendly to me.


Thank you for everything!

What a lovely time I had with you. Thank you for everything!!

Hope to see you soon again!

Kind Regards,


Kurus English featured in CITY VIEWS- CAPE TOWN

Check out the article about Kurus English and our unique language learning and teaching concept in the April issue of City Views Cape Town.

For the full version, feel free to download the pdf document (5 MB): City Views- Cape Town- April Issue

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Everything was sharp, sharp!!!

Zoom in for the lovely guestbook entry from our big Evonik-Fejo Group! Thanks for the lovely letter! :-)

Thanks a lot!

Hey, what could I say? Only one thing: Thanks a lot for the great time!

The support was amazing and I had a really lovely time.

Thanks for all, good luck and: take care!


Thank you Kurus English!

The two weeks here were very nice. I learned a lot about the culture and the grammar.

Your team is great and friendly all the time. I hope I`ll see you a second time here in the school.

Katrin Späth

“Food & Cuisine” in week #2

The students were excited and looking forward to this week, after having heard from their peers just how amazing South African cuisine is!  This week’s group tasted Cape Malay cooking, made a Malva pudding at the Westin 5 star hotel and munched on traditional isiXhosa food as well.

South Africa’s melting pot of people means that our cuisine has something for everyone! :)

“Art, Music & Sport” in week #2

This week our students rotated and had the chance to experience the Language Excursion that their peers experienced last week.  They were able to try their hand at some art, test their musical ability, and then their hand-eye coordination!  And they did all of this whilst speaking ENGLISH! Awesome!!

Kurus English- WE WILL MISS YOU!!!

Thank you very much for the amazing time with you. Your whole team is so friendly and helpful!

We gained a lot of experience and improved our English!

We hope to see you again!

Thank you so much…

Miriam Steiner & Julia Flittner

“Food & Cuisine”- Language Excursion week

This week we had two Language Excursions taking place at the same time to guarantee an ideal Language Learning environment for our 26 students! Our second group of students had the chance to try some uniquely South African cuisine.  They visited a Cape Malay resident who cooked up a storm of tantalizing treats, followed by a true Ethiopian spice experience and finally, they rounded off the week with a taste of isiXhosa dishes in one of Cape Town’s townships.

“Art, Music & Sport” Language Excursion Week

This week our students including our FEJO group experienced all the good things in life, so to speak!  Cape Town’s art scene, it’s unique music and it’s love of sport, did not disappoint!

The students visited Studio 41, took part in a drum workshop in Gugulethu and visited Cape Town’s prized soccer stadium! What a way to see Cape Town!

Fejo Music Dinner – Welcome to Cape Town!

Kurus English welcomed it’s third FEJO group this year with a rip-roaring set in, without a shadow of a doubt, the most beautiful garden in Cape Town.  Students danced under the stars as local  band Black South Easter created the rhythm that is Cape Town.  The food, magnificently prepared, tantalized everyone’s tastebuds with it’s truely South African flavour.  All in all, a fabulous evening was had by everyone in attendance.

Viva la Cape Town!

Sometimes a city is enough inspiration, Cape Town indeed

Director of Kurus English, Johannes Kraus, was recently interviewed by Cool Entrepeneurs about the startup of the school.

Read the full article at


Kurus English launches NEW Golf Programme!

For the golf enthusiast, Cape Town must count as heaven. With an ideal climate for spending time outside in the sun and on the fairways, golfers here are blessed with some of the finest golf courses in the world.

Kurus English offers its learners the inspired opportunity to improve their English while leaving time to enjoy some of our country’s most celebrated courses.

Most golf courses in and around Cape Town offer a choice of 9 holes or 18 holes and many of them have ‘mashie courses’ too. Whether you have only an hour or half a day, you will find something for everyone! The golf courses here are of an international standard, and are priced more cheaply than any courses in Europe or the USA!

It is worth mentioning, the game of golf is played 12 months of the year in South Africa and Cape Town has been acclaimed as one of the 5th bluest sky destinations in the world!

Kurus English offers specially designed language programmes that enable you to improve your English while still giving you time to play on some of the best golf courses in South Africa.

For more information on course packages and fees click below

2012_English+Golf_incl prices

Thank you so much

I enjoyed it really very much. It was a great time and I’ll recommend Kurus wherever I can.


Thank you Kurus & CoffeeBeans for an amazing time in Cape Town!

English Lessons…

Language Excursions…

Free time trips…

Everything was just great!!

All in all, thanks to everyone for everything!

Marc, Pia, Astrid, Theresa, Anja, Sabrina, Laura, Annika, Petra, Lena, Lisa, Johanna (FEJO)

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