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Author: · December 7. 2012 · Guestbook

Time flies

Now that I `ve been at Kurus for two and a half months, I don`t know what I should write.

I`ve been left with so many impressions of Kurus and the people in it.

Firstly I would like to thank the school and the helpful teachers. Whenever I had question Maggie, Gavin and Amos had an answer for me. So my English improved very fast. If I had a problem with organizing anything, the Kurus team was there, or if I needed advice on what to do at the weekend Johannes and Diana the souls of the school always were willing to help.

Another big part of my educational holiday had been Iain and Michael from coffeebeans rotes.  They invested a lot of energy and time to show me the real culture of South Africa. They introduced me to an authentic and non tourist tours of Cape Town which taught me the history of South Africa and the awful Apartheid times. They also introduced me to the Rastafarian and Reggae culture. I appreciate and now know how much enthusiasm and passion it takes to organise this unique discovery of South Africa.

Last but not least I must say thank you to all the people that have supported me in this time. I`ll miss Katja, Leire, Nadine, Graca, Alinie South, Alinie North, Isabella, Kevin and all the other students that I met.

A big big thanks goes out to Alan and Jason. I`ve never experienced such a friendly house, I`ve never met so many kind people.

To go home without you all is very hard step! But even thought today is the last day. I`ll do my best to come back soon. (It`s a promise and a threat :-)

Thanks Stefan (SteMü) Müller

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