“Building Cities” Language Excursion Week

Author: · September 14. 2012 · Language Excursions

This week`s Language Excursions were all about Building Cities! We started the week with a City Walk in the CBD (Central Business District) of Cape Town, which is also the place where Cape Town as a city was founded. The next day, we visited our host Mike Zuma in Langa, who gave us insight in to the inspiring visions of  the “Langa Quarter“. The “Langa Quarter” regards Langa as the actual centre of Cape Town and intends to create great benefits for this township through its exceptional location. The last Excursion for this week led us to Khayelitsha where we were informed about the Kuyasa CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Project. This involves the retrofitting of solar water heaters, insulated ceilings and energy efficient lighting in over 2,300 low-cost homes in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

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