Kurus English launches English + Wine Programme

Author: · August 1. 2012 · English + Wine

The Western Cape is known all over the world as one of the major wine producing regions on this planet. Wines of truly world class quality are made in areas such as Constantia and Stellenbosch, which are close to the city of Cape Town.

Kurus English offers its students the opportunity to to improve their English as well as to dive into the fascinating world of wine.

This two-week-programme consists of 20 lessons per week of General Intensive English and three lessons per week with a specific focus on wine-related language. Additionally, the students participate in three Language Excursions per week, covering elements such as wine history in the Cape, labour and ownership, and the unique pinotage grape. There will be plenty of opportunities for tastings and deep engagements with wine industry roleplayers.

English & Wine in Cape Town, South Africa: 05.01.2013-19.01.2013


  • 2 weeks General English Language Course, 20 lessons per week, including all course materials
  • Special Wine Preparation class (3 lessons per week)
  • 6 Wine related Excursions
  • Peninsula Route: Guided Tour to the Cape of Good Hope around the Cape Peninsula
  • 2 Airport Transfers


  • Single Room/ Double Room with Breakfast at a Host Family in Cape Town, max 30 minutes away from the school


depending on number of participants, excluding flights:

6 participants:                   EUR 2.010

7 participants:                   EUR 1.960

8 participants:                   EUR 1.920

9 participants:                   EUR 1.890

10 participants                  EUR 1.860

For further details please find attached a 2-week overview of the programme, the additional and optional tour descriptions as well as the detailed Wine-Excursions programme delivered by Coffeebeans Routes.

Optional Tours_English and Wine

Modules_Educational Wine Programme

Itinerary_English and Wine

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