Kurus English & Coffeebeans Routes make Cape Town World Design Capital their own!

Author: · March 13. 2012 · Cape Town

Cape Town was recently elected the World Design Capital for 2014. The vision of the World Design Capital project is to promote and encourage the use of design to further the social, financial and cultural development and growth of the world’s cities. Cape Town’s winning bid slogan was “Live Design, Transform Life” and it focuses on socially responsive design.

Kurus English, in conjuction with Coffeebeans Routes have developed a Language Excursion week which explores this project further.

We want to give our students the opportunity to converse and interact with people who are creating change and who are behind the scenes of something potentially life changing for a lot of people”  says Director of Kurus English, Johannes Kraus.”

On Language Excursions students are immersed in diverse cultures of Cape Town and are able to  meet and communicate with relevant people in the city and its environment.  Because Language Excursions are a powerful language-learning support , students will be able to have real-life language practice and language discovery.  The World Design Capital theme opens up yet another unique and inspired way to experience an authentic Cape Town.

As a result of Apartheid, Cape Town had been physically, socially, financially, culturally and emotionally divided for many years. From 2012 to 2014, Cape Town, is going to be undertaking the process of redesigning itself with a strong focus on changing the segregated structures of the city, which divided people and cultures from each other, to break down social boundaries and encourage unity among its’ people. As South Africa’s oldest city and having just hosted the first World Cup on African soil, Cape Town now has first rate infrastructure and a sophisticated way of life. These Language Excursions will help students to expose how rich in heritage, innovation, diversity and creative talent Cape Town really is for themselves.

What the World Design Capital hopes to achieve is functionality of the city through design, for all its inhabitants. The idea that everyone has access to functional transport systems, has the option to live near to where they work and that the man on the street is able to take his family to a “green space” within a few blocks of his house. Cape Town, as World Design Capital, now has the opportunity to gear itself up to produce the type of innovative reflection, entrepreneurial know-how and successful execution that will, at last, transcend boundaries and reconnect Cape Town in both outward appearance and character, for the benefit of all citizens.

The Language Excursions we have developed, move students through a process of  learning, discovering and understanding” says Kraus.

All of this makes Cape Town an interesting and dynamic place for ELT students to visit.  Cape Town is changing and its residents are motivated and ready for the change. Kurus English, in conjunction with Coffeebeans Routes are, in turn, already excited to implement a new theme of Language Excursions directed at exposing the ins and outs of the World Design Capital project and the unique effect it is to have on both the city of Cape Town as well as on people who call it home.

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