Letter from Jess

Dear Johannes, Diana & Gavin,

I can’t thank you guys enough for the most fantastic year. It has been a true honour to work with people of your calibre. Thank you wonderful people for being so much more than colleagues -  you guys really have been my CT family. I’m going to miss your smiles, laughs and all the silliness :)

Thank you for rocking my world :)

All my love, Jess xx

Pia’s guestbook entry

Hello my dears,

Thanks for the great time. I had a lot of fund and I learned so much! it was really a good input!! Haha I don`t want to say bye! It is a “see ya”. One day my kids will learn English here in this School! And maybe you will see me in the cinema in 10 years and than you can say: I thought her English! :-) … Maybe.

I will miss you all. You`re all such great persons!!

See you soon!

Rock it! In Love Pia

Ps. in Hamburg we say Tschüss!

A letter from Karin

Hallo Diana,

Vielen Dank für die Teilnahmebestätigung! Heute früh um 6 Uhr bin ich wieder zu Hause gelandet. und werde sie morgen weiterleiten. Du kannst Dir gar nicht vorstellen, wie dunkel es hier ist… das ist echt merkwürdig, und dabei war ich nur drei Wochen in SA. Nachdem ich mich heute Vormittag “für ein Stündchen” auf`s Ohr gelegt und dann fast den ganzen Tag verschlafen habe, habe ich bisher nur Dunkelheit und überhaupt nicht viel von Wiesbaden gesehen. Morgen werde ich mich dann mal wieder vor die Tür wagen – sicherheitshalber vielleicht mit Taschenlampe :-)

Der Urlaub in Kapstadt war noch sehr schön !! :-)… wobei ich das Reisen mit einem fantastischen Windsurfer nicht uneingeschränkt empfehlen kann.. ;-). Jedenfalls ist die erste Woche bei Euch an der Schule mit dem Aufenthalt bei Colleen in Sea Point, den täglichen Fahrten im Minibus usw. etwas ganz Besonderes geblieben… unangetastet! War wirklich ein toller Einstieg!! Auch wenn wir in Sunset Beach, Minerton direkt am wunderschönen (sehr windigen!) Traumstrand mit tollem Tafelberg- und Stadtblick und Sonnenuntergängen bis zum Abwinken gewohnt haben, war die erste Woche mehr “mittendrin” und ich möchte diese Zeit auf keinen Fall missen!

Danke Kurus, danke Diana!!

Natürlich haben wir noch sehr viel Schönes gesehen: z.B. die Wine Lands, die Wale in Hermanus, Township Tour, Tafelberg und und und… ach!! War eine tolle Zeit und ich kann verstehen, dass Du geblieben bist!

Mit ganz vielen Grüssen aus Wiesbaden (mental noch nicht 100%ig hier angekommen…) Karin

Guestbook entry from Stefan

Time flies

Now that I `ve been at Kurus for two and a half months, I don`t know what I should write.

I`ve been left with so many impressions of Kurus and the people in it.

Firstly I would like to thank the school and the helpful teachers. Whenever I had question Maggie, Gavin and Amos had an answer for me. So my English improved very fast. If I had a problem with organizing anything, the Kurus team was there, or if I needed advice on what to do at the weekend Johannes and Diana the souls of the school always were willing to help.

Another big part of my educational holiday had been Iain and Michael from coffeebeans rotes.  They invested a lot of energy and time to show me the real culture of South Africa. They introduced me to an authentic and non tourist tours of Cape Town which taught me the history of South Africa and the awful Apartheid times. They also introduced me to the Rastafarian and Reggae culture. I appreciate and now know how much enthusiasm and passion it takes to organise this unique discovery of South Africa.

Last but not least I must say thank you to all the people that have supported me in this time. I`ll miss Katja, Leire, Nadine, Graca, Alinie South, Alinie North, Isabella, Kevin and all the other students that I met.

A big big thanks goes out to Alan and Jason. I`ve never experienced such a friendly house, I`ve never met so many kind people.

To go home without you all is very hard step! But even thought today is the last day. I`ll do my best to come back soon. (It`s a promise and a threat :-)

Thanks Stefan (SteMü) Müller

Karin’s guestbook entry

Thanks for giving me a perfect start for my first stay in (South-) Africa!

All the best!!!

Guestbook entry from FEJO 5

What a wonderful experience! Simone, Jan, Saskia

Dear Kurus,
The time here in Cape Town was the best time of my “young” life! I don`t know how to say “Thank you”… But I promise: I`ll come back :-) Thank you, Laura :-)

Dear Kurus,
It was a beautiful time here in Cape Town. Thank you for all. Andre :-)

Thanks Kurus,
For the great experience I`ll never forget. I will come back. See you soon.

Thank you for all!

Thank you for everything! Best regards,

Dear Kurus,
I had an awesome time in a LOVELY city! Thank you very much,

Thank you for this great experience!

Dear Kurus
I had such a great and lovely time here in Cape Town! I will miss you all! Thank you sooo much. I hope I can come back once! DANKE

Thank you so much for everything. I will miss you and never forget you!
Vicky :-)

Guestbook entry from Silke

Thank you for the amazing time with Kurus English!

I promise you: I will come back as soon as possible :-)

Sunny greetings


Guestbook entry from Beatrix

Thanks a lot for all. Gavin and Amos, you were great teachers.


Letter from Desiré and Evgenia

Dear Kurus English Team,

It was a pleasure to enjoy our time in Cape Town with you and therefore we would like to thank you and wish you all the best!

Lovely regards,

Desiré and Evgenia from Germany.

Guestbook entry from Thomas and Patrick

It was a short but a very nice and cool experience. We learned a lot and saw many other sites of Cape Town with Coffeebeans Routes. You`re a great mix!!!

Like Schwarenegger said:

“I`ll be back!”

Thomas and Patrick

Guestbook entry from Alinie South

Guys I`ve no words to describe how thankful and happy I`m now! It was a pleasure to meet you all… hope to keep in touch! Thank you very much! so I really wish i could stay here with you. You will be always in my heart and I`m so proud to participate of this awesome time!

Absolutely gorgeous guys!

I`ll gonna miss you all!

Thank you very much!
Alinie South

Aline’s guestbook entry

Just some words to say:
“Thank you”! The teachers were and are amazing! with a lot of patience and passion. The organisation was so good!

The excursions were very interesting! I learned a lot about the country, the SA culture, people and it was a very good occasion to learn something different than only “tourist” things! Thank you al lot Coffebeans Routes!

So thank you: Diana, Gavin, Johannes, Maggie, Michal, Iain and Amos.

Je vous souhaite le meilleur prenez soin de vous.

Bisou Aline

Guestbook entry from FEJO 4

Thank you for the great time. We come back!! :) Mira

Thank you! Sabine

Thank you for this great experience! We had so much fun! Julia

Thank you for the amazing two weeks of my life. I’ll be back soon. Patrick

Thx for the great time from the three Lauch’s. Luis,Sascha und Kochones

Thanks for the great time in CT:) xoxo Sophia

Thank you very much for the amazing time in Cape Town. Best wishes Evgenia

Thank you so much! It was so cool in Cape Town! Desiré

Thanks. Hazret

Thank you very much!! Julian

Isabela’s guestbook entry

Dear Kurus Team,

Thanks for the amazing time in Cape Town! Definitely you’re part of that and helped me a lot to enjoy my new country!! Thanks for the patience and thank you for passing over all the knowledge that you have!
You’re so kind that made me fully at home in my week.

I hope to see you again! Wish you all the best


Special 50+ Programme continues in 2013!

Kurus English is delighted to announce the continous offer of special courses for the age group 50+ in 2013.

Our school and the courses we run are well suited to a more mature clientele, who are particularly interested in immersing into our city and its people. To meet the increasing demand for 50+ Language Students, Kurus English has developed a special programme for this specific age group.

Our Language Excursions constitute the heart of Kurus English besides the ever-important language classes: Because of our unique network, students are immersed in diverse cultures of Cape Town, providing them with opportunities to converse with the fascinating people of the city. Should the conversation ever begin to flag, our teachers will be at our students’ side to assist them. Themes change weekly, defining the language-learning concept with regards to content and ensuring exciting and meaningful personal encounters.

To see our full brochure click here: 2013_Programme_50+_Kurus English_eng

Here is the 2 week 50+ Programme in more detail:

- 10 Lessons Grammar (per week).

- 10 Lessons Skills Development (per week): reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary development.

- 10 Lessons of Language Excursions (per week), including language support, transport, entrance fees and, on certain

Language Excursions, a meal or snacks and/or refreshments.

+ 3 additional leisure time activities, which will be organised for you in Cape Town.

- Jazz Safari (Meet Cape Town jazz musicians during dinner).

- Peninsula Route (Cape of Good Hope, full-day tour).

- Wine Route (Constantia Wine Valley, half-day tour).

Price 2013:

EUR 1.095: Course and additional activities only, no accommodation
EUR 2.215: Course and accommodation in a Guest House, single room, bath/shower and breakfast
EUR 2.635: Course and accommodation in a 3 Star Hotel, single room, bath/shower and breakfast

You are also very welcome to book your accommodation with a Host Family, let us know!

Course Dates 2013:

12.01.2013 – 26.01.2013
09.02.2013 – 23.02.2013
04.05.2013 – 18.05.2013
06.07.2013 – 20.07.2013
07.09.2013 – 21.09.2013
02.11.2013 – 16.11.2013

“Community Development” Language Excursion Week

The theme of our Language Excursions this week was Community Development. On Tuesday we went to Manenberg Waterfront, where the people of ‘The Proudly Manenberg Campaign‘ introduced us to their concept of developing a waterfront with a cultural center, landscaped indigenous gardens and a picnic area within this township. Our second Excursion led us to the Lynedoch EcoVillage, where our lovely host, Ross, told us about the idea of creating a sustainable community. And finally on Thursday, we visited the Cape Town Science Centre to experience playful solutions to current problems in the educational system.

Dear Kurus English!

I had a very, very nice time with you. I enjoyed the lessons, I learned so much and I hope I`ll come back in three or four years. But till then I`ll extend my vocabulary and learn the tenses.

The lessons helped me with my grammar and English skills and in the afternoon the excursions are a fantastic way to learn and practice the language and meet the people, country and culture of South Africa.

Thank you for everything!!


Dear Kurus Guys


I enjoyed my short stay and all the different impressions. You all made it possible!

Thanks for everything,


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Guestbook entry from Monika

Hallo Diana,

Nun bin ich seit einer Woche zurück in Hamburg und der Alltag hat mich schon wieder eingeholt. Meine Zeit bei Euch und in Namibia war einfach toll und ich denke gerne daran zurück. In Namibia war es richtig heiss. Wir hatten bis zu 43 Grad im Schatten. Und nun die herbstlichen Temperaturen in Hamburg – hoffentlich wird es bald wieder Frühling :-)

Ganz lieben Dank und viele Grüsse an die Kollegen sendet Dir Monika.

Golf Programme continues in 2013!

Kurus English is delighted to announce the continous offer of our special English + Golf Programme in 2013.

For more details on the programme please have a look here: 2013_English+Golf_eng

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“Building Cities” Language Excursion Week

This week`s Language Excursions were all about Building Cities! We started the week with a City Walk in the CBD (Central Business District) of Cape Town, which is also the place where Cape Town as a city was founded. The next day, we visited our host Mike Zuma in Langa, who gave us insight in to the inspiring visions of  the “Langa Quarter“. The “Langa Quarter” regards Langa as the actual centre of Cape Town and intends to create great benefits for this township through its exceptional location. The last Excursion for this week led us to Khayelitsha where we were informed about the Kuyasa CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Project. This involves the retrofitting of solar water heaters, insulated ceilings and energy efficient lighting in over 2,300 low-cost homes in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Dear Kurus English,

Thank you for the very nice 2 weeks. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our stay here in CAPE TOWN! The excursions were very impressive and we learned a lot about South African culture and history and of course speaking English! Keep on going guys!

And a very BIG thank you to Coffeebeans Routes! Michael, you did a great job!

Diana and Johannes – thank you for organising our trip to Cape Town.

Gavin and Maggie – we have learned so much! You did a great job in teaching us.


“South African History” Language Excursion Week

Our Language Excursions this week provided our students with an insight into South African History. We started the week with a visit to the Slave Lodge where our host Lucy, informed us about the dark times of slavery. The next day we learned more about life during Apartheid at the District Six Museum, from our wonderful host Noor. As a former inhabitant of District Six, he could tell our students some real-life stories about the forced removals from this part of Cape Town. The last Excursion for this week led us to Langa, where we met our energetic and informative host, Mike Zuma to celebrate Freedom of Movement!

Happy birhtday letter

Happy Birthday Kurus

To all at Kurus English,
Congratulations on your 4th Birthday! Well done!
Lots of special love


“Food & Cuisine” Language Excursion Week

Our Language Excursions this week  provided our students with the opportunity to taste some of the various flavours of Cape Town. The Excursions led us from BoKaap, where we sampled Cape Malay cuisine, to Langa where we tried some delicious Xhosa-dishes, and finally, to Honest Chocolate, right next to our school, where we made some wonderful chocolate bonbons! Yummy!!

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