See what our 50+ students do in Cape Town: STAR TRAILS by Erich Meyer

Star Trails, Table Mountain, Cape Town

This picture is a collection of 620 single images, taken with a digital camera and a 24mm x 36mm sensor. A wide angle lens was used (17mm). The camera was fixed on a tripod and was oriented towards the south. Due to the motion of the Earth (daily motion) the stars appear as trails (star trails). All star trails are bending around the South Pole.

Complete time of exposure for all images: 3 hours, taken on 5 July 2011 from 8:30pm to 11:30pm.

Clear sky

Erich, Linz, Austria

The time is over!

I was studying at KURUS SCHOOL for two weeks. I had really great time here, becuase I was feeling an exceptional friendly atmosphere and had highly competente teachers, especially Gavin!
A daily highlight were also the excursions guided by Iain. I’m so happy to have learned both, English and a lot about Cape Town – his History, all the News in the Present and the challenges in the Future.
Yes, Cape Town is a woth living town. I’m going to come back with my wife in 2012!!
Thanks for all,

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50+ Programme_example

50+Programme_additional activities_2011

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Thank you Kurus

for these wonderful and very interesting 2 weeks. I were able to improve my English (thanks Gavin for not giving up on I).  Thank you Iain for showing me all the beautiful sides of Cape Town.

Thank you


Magnus Kaste

Thank you Kurus!

It was a fantastic time!

BUT now it’s over.

I learn a lot of things about culture and the language.

Bye Bye


BELTA Fam Trip

This month, member schools of Education South Africa (EduSA) collaborated in hosting an Brazilian Agent FAM Trip.
These schools were Jeffreys Bay Language School, EC, Kurus English, Interlink, LAL, Inlingua, Cape English Language School, International House Cape Town and Good Hope Studies.

10 agencies and South African Airways Brazil visited Cape Town, South Africa, for one week and were taken to the centres in order to visit their premises and meet with the staff there.
There was also time to visit and explore some of the sights in Cape Town, such as taking a guided walking tour around the city and to go on a Safari at the Addo Elephant Park. Most days were rounded off by a visit to one of Cape Town’s many world-class restaurants, where the representatives of each school had the chance to speak to every agent in person in a more relaxed environment.

We would like to say Thank You to all agencies, who made the effort to visit each school. We had a fantastic time and it was a honor to host each of them. We wish them all the best for the future and we hope that they will send lots of Brazilian students to Cape Town, South Africa.

Ms.Michelle Marques - South African Airways Brazil
Mr. Fred Tiba – Belta Director and also director of Agency Educational Net, São Paulo
Mr. Benedito Silva -Director of Education Abroad, Sao José dos Campos, Sao Paulo
Mrs. Cristiana Carsalade – Director of Upgrade Intercambio, Belo Horizonte
Mrs. Flavia Guimarães – Director of Master Intercambio, Belo Horizonte
Mrs. Claudia Farina – Director of SIP Intercambio, São Paulo
Mrs. Cynthia Mathias – Manager of ETC Intercambio, Belo Horizonte
Mrs. Miniran Rodrigues – Manager of Intercambio Connexion, São Paulo
Mrs. Rita de Cássia Santos – Manager of Yazigi Travel, São Paulo
Mrs. Fernanda Alberti – Manager of Cultural Adventure Intercambio, Florianópolis
Ms. Andreia Melo – Manager of IEP Brazil, Belo Horizonte



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First Aid for Lothar Matthäus

Dear friends
Kurus English is once again shocked by a German celebrities English performance and behaviour in public. This time Lothar Matthäus, Football World Champion 1990 in Italy with the German Team.

Please check the video for our unique solution and offer! We believe, we can really really help Loddar and not only him…!!! ;-)

Let’s see, if Lothar has the courage to come to Cape Town… We promise, he would not regret it!!!
Best regards from Cape Town
Kurus English

Kurus Zum Zweiter

Emmanuel Spiegelburg

Hi Gavin, Diana, Johannes, Jan & Michael

Your Language School is now officially approved as stellar TOEFL-test preparation facility.

Thanks for the perfect coaching and hospitality.

I’ll come again.


Cape Town comes out tops on Traveller’s Choice

Yes indeed. Cape Town has climbed right to the top beating cities like London, Sydney and New York in this year’s TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Destination Awards! TripAdvisor is the worlds largest travel site, and the awards are based on opinions or views posted by millions of TripAdvisor Travellers.

Top five cities are now Cape Town followed by Paris, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, and Rome. It is not lie that our city is world class, this just drove our point right across… Globally :)

To see for yourself, visit www.tripadvisor.com


I’ll come back as soon as possible.

“Thank you Kurus for a wonderful and amazing four weeks in Cape Town.  Thanks for all your service as well.  It was a wonderful start for me in South Africa. I’ll come back as soon as possible. Dennis”



Culture may be defined in many ways, but we have learned that there is a strong link between culture and history.  This week we fused the two together with the hope of getting common ground on what effect history really has on South African cultures and to our surprise, it worked… No matter what the story might be, somewhere, somehow the effects Apartheid had in South Africa always surfaces when talking culture; and this was proved when we visited a Xhosa township and the District Six Museum where we got a rude awakening on what really went on during the Apartheid era and the the shock waves that it still carries today.


Youth & Education

Youth and Education played out some interesting opportunities for us to see what non-governmental organizations are doing to bring about change in the lives of the youth and communities living in poverty.  We visited projects such as Christel House, Learn to Earn, and the Green Point Urban Park.


First Step Abroad

First Step Abroad

First Step Abroad – Student and Travel Placements CC is a Cape Town based agency specialising in internship, volunteer and language school placements in Cape Town, South Africa. We assist our international clients in finding suitable placements and help them plan, arrange and organise their stay abroad. Acting as a liaison between international applicants and the host companies/organisations, we seek and take all the necessary steps to place the right candidate in the right position. Our top priority is to take care of our clients’ needs and to offer competent and trustworthy assistance and support.

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URL: http://www.linguae.com

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This week we lived out our new Language excursion route, ‘Tasters’. It was interesting to see how change occurred in the city and how most buildings still have their original designs.


I’ve really enjoyed myself.

Thank you Kurus for this wonderful time. I’ve enjoyed myself.  It was a good start to South Africa and I learned a lot about the country and the people. Now my internship, in Durbanville, can start!

Julia Hitzler

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