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Author: · September 30. 2011 · Guestbook, Students

On this very day, the 5th of October 2011, it is exactly two years that went by from the day when I took my first step onto one of the most lovely and joyful places on earth and which made the prelude to the most adventurous, fascinating and greatest periods of my life.

Yes, you’re right, the most lovesly and joyful place on earth, that is directly addressed above, is no other than your Kurus English and the person who is writing is no one less than your lil’ Junior Johannes from Germany! ;)

I must tell you that I’ve never felt the desire to send you a personal message as strongly as today.  I’ve often been thinking of it. It’s especially the simple availability of digital and online contact through internet and worldruler facebook that made me think: “‘Lil Jo, you HAVE to make a difference.  It’s your royal mission to maintain the lovableness of old fashioned traditions – such as writing a handwritten letter to your beloved people!  And today, I’m thinking:”What are you waiting for? October is the greatest month that was ever invented!  So, take your pen and go ahead!”

At this point, I have to sprinkle in the mandatory excuse for my bad handwriting.  I make my best endeavour but still, it’s a tall order!

Writing this letter, I just want to let you know that I’m still going into raptures about Cape Town, the time at school and especially when thinking of you!

To my dear Gavin, I want to send you my most enthusiastic greetings!  Although we haven’t met for two years I still have the most vivid imagination of your radiant smile, your irresistable positivity and your extraordinary teaching style that has, to the day, remained unique to me.  And I still owe you my greatest gratitude for writing the academic reference to Cambridge, even though my application was turned down.

To my most gorgeous Diana :) as you have captured on Facebook, Junior has finally grown up!  We should celebrate that date once!

And to my greatest namesake, Big Johannes!  I picked up in the Internet that Rugby World Cup is running at the moment.  I was confused that you haven’t played for South Africa so far!  You’d cut a good figure as a mighty defender! :) But still, the Big-Boss – aura suits you just as well!

Also send my love to Aaliya!

I hope that one day I’ll see you all again in Cape Town!

Wtih the best greetings from Germany, to my two-year Kurus -anniversary,

your lil Junior Johannes

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