Author: · September 2. 2011 · Language Excursions

The first thing one notices when one arrives in Cape Town is it’s beautiful environment. It’s stunning landscape, fresh waters, picturesque mountains and clean air, distinguish it from other famous cities around the world.  This week Kurus English, along with Coffeebeans Routes,  worked together to provide our current FEJO group with an orientation of the environment “in our neck of the woods”, so to speak!

We visited Intaka Island - a wetlands and bird sanctuary situated right in the centre of the Mother City, learnt about the Reclaim Camsisa project, which is an NGO that focuses on creating a sustainable approach using CT’s natural water system and last but not but not least paid a visit to Cape Town’s own recently opened Greenpoint Urban Park. Due to rain, we were forced to run for cover, but we didn’t let it rain on our parade and we weathered the storm with a drink in hand at Sotano with a spectacular view of the ocean in front of us.

Did you know that there are more species of plants on Table Mountain alone than in the whole of New Zealand?!  Talk about Bio Diversity!


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