New STAR TRAILS by Erich Meyer: this time from Lions Head

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Star Trails, Lions Head, Cape Town

This image is a combination of 548 individual shots taken in Cape Town/ South Africa.

The image shows a synopsis some minutes before the beginning  until 2 hours after the sunset.

The planet Mercury is fine to see below the star ‚Regulus‘ (it is the brightest star of the star constellation ‚Leo‘).

Left star trails are curved around the South Pole and right star trails are curved around the North Pole. Stars that are located on the celestal equator have straight lines.

The exact point “West” is marked.

The image shows that the sun was placed in the northern part of the celestial sphere at 15th July 2011 (near the summer solistice at 21th June).

The dotted lines are caused due to illuminated and moving fishing boats and due to the exposure time intevall of 15 seconds.

Brighter areas near the beaches are the result of whitecaps.

Location for the image: on Lions Head (669m) – Cape Town, South Africa.
Date of exposure: 15th July 2011.
Exposure time: 2 hours. Time between exposures: 15 seconds.

Have fun with this particular image!
Best regards and the best wishes to Cape Town

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