Kurus & CoffeeBeans Year End Function – Tobogganing !!

This year Kurus English decided to treat it’s staff to a different kind of year end party… Tabogganing!!

Although, at first quite challenging, the Kurus team zipped speedily around the course, breaking records and showing off!

It was a fantastic day and a great way to end off 2011!

Hello Kurus English, hello Coffeebeans Routes

Dear Diana

now I am back home for 2 weeks, but I am still in Cape Town, in your school, in the streets, in the Company garden and I am enjoying the view from (is it right?) the Table Mountain.

Heinke Kuester

I’d like to say again many, many thanks for my staying at your school.

I wish you and Gavin and Mikel a nice Christmas time and a happy New Year and Kurus English a very successful 2012.

Kind regards


Table Mountain voted one of the “7 Natural Wonders of the World”

The New7Wonders of Nature are:

1. Amazon

2. Halong Bay

3. Iguazu Falls

4. Jeju Island

5. Komodo

6. Puerto Princesa Underground River

7. Table Mountain

…according to The Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille

“It is because Cape Town is a symbol. It is a symbol of permanence in a world that is full of change. It is a symbol of the heritage that we are privileged to have. And it is a symbol that reminds us that we are privileged enough to live in an incredible country with incredible assets, giving us hope for the future.

It is a symbol for South Africa and now, the entire world.

For us Capetonians, it is a symbol of home.

The mountain reminds us of the time it has taken to build the society we have today in its shadow.

It has seen the pain we have endured through that history. But it has also seen our triumphs.

It has been a witness to our lives and our history.

Because of that, it is a part of ourselves and we are proud to share it with the world.

I want to thank everyone who voted. The odds seemed stacked against us but we managed to beat them, as we have so many times in the past.

This whole experience has reminded us that we can all come together for something greater than ourselves and be united in our diversity.

It reminds us of who we really are. “

Dear Kurus Team

Thank you! Elena       Thank you for joining us! Hendrik    Markus    Thanks for 2 fantastic weeks!! Anna    Hopefully see you again!Svenja   Sabrina  Thank you for having us, Sabastian      Thanks for special party, Matthias   Thank you a lot! It was a nice experience for me her in CT, Christian Gisonam    Thank


you for the best two weeks ever! Janice

Thank you Kurus and Coffeebeans staff for all the wonderful and most pleasant stay in Cape Town

Beat Schafroth

I very much appreciated the way of teaching

and the comitmment of studies and activities!!

Thank you all and until next time…?


FEJO Music Dinner

What better way to be welcomed to Cape Town than with a traditional South African meal, in a garden with a view of the majestic Table Mountain and being seranaded by one of Cape Town’s local bands!

Welcome Welcome Welcome FEJO!  We hope you have the most amazing time here with us! :)

Cape Town’s own “Black South Easter”


4 pictures of me on the same page…

well you’re generous! I’ve got the bottom of the page to express my gratitude to the Kurus-English Team.  These 9 weeks here were fruitful, exciting, challenging, exciting, challenging and one more appalling and enriching experience in Africa, one more piece of the puzzle…  A special thanks to the teachers for their patience.  To Diana and Johannes for their commitment and reliability.  To Iain and Michael from Coffeebeans for the excursions and their vision of Cape Town.  Cape Town…South Africa…Africa…My course at Kurus helped me to have one additional tool to go more in depth with the discovery of Africa and the slaving of its vibrations, wanders, realities…

Peace, Timon

Timon Van Lidth

Thank you for a great and amazing time in Cape Town!

I enjoyed the lessons, excursions and the routes pretty much!



Thank you Kurus and Coffeebeans Routes

Heinke Kuester

At first it was

a prediction    then

an intention    then

an arrangement

but at least

it was a great pleasure

all the time

Thank you so mutch for being here


“How beautiful a day touched by kindness”

To Thank You

“How beautiful a day touched by kindness”

Thank you. Your kindness was appreciated more than you know.

- Carolin, Karin, Kra, Melissa, Gandi, Mirja, Lisa, Tanja, Marion, Corinna, Jan, Midia

Thank you, Kurus!

Dear Kurus,

According to Confucious “A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step

We were all deeply moved by your AWESOME and LOVELY way you welcome, treated and taught us.

Thank you and we all hope to see you soon.

Carina, Christian, Edina, Janina, Janosch, Liesa, Maren, Markus, Mathis, Nadine, Nathalie, Nico, Soenke, Viktor

Dear Kurus-Team!

On this very day, the 5th of October 2011, it is exactly two years that went by from the day when I took my first step onto one of the most lovely and joyful places on earth and which made the prelude to the most adventurous, fascinating and greatest periods of my life.

Yes, you’re right, the most lovesly and joyful place on earth, that is directly addressed above, is no other than your Kurus English and the person who is writing is no one less than your lil’ Junior Johannes from Germany! ;)

I must tell you that I’ve never felt the desire to send you a personal message as strongly as today.  I’ve often been thinking of it. It’s especially the simple availability of digital and online contact through internet and worldruler facebook that made me think: “‘Lil Jo, you HAVE to make a difference.  It’s your royal mission to maintain the lovableness of old fashioned traditions – such as writing a handwritten letter to your beloved people!  And today, I’m thinking:”What are you waiting for? October is the greatest month that was ever invented!  So, take your pen and go ahead!”

At this point, I have to sprinkle in the mandatory excuse for my bad handwriting.  I make my best endeavour but still, it’s a tall order!

Writing this letter, I just want to let you know that I’m still going into raptures about Cape Town, the time at school and especially when thinking of you!

To my dear Gavin, I want to send you my most enthusiastic greetings!  Although we haven’t met for two years I still have the most vivid imagination of your radiant smile, your irresistable positivity and your extraordinary teaching style that has, to the day, remained unique to me.  And I still owe you my greatest gratitude for writing the academic reference to Cambridge, even though my application was turned down.

To my most gorgeous Diana :) as you have captured on Facebook, Junior has finally grown up!  We should celebrate that date once!

And to my greatest namesake, Big Johannes!  I picked up in the Internet that Rugby World Cup is running at the moment.  I was confused that you haven’t played for South Africa so far!  You’d cut a good figure as a mighty defender! :) But still, the Big-Boss – aura suits you just as well!

Also send my love to Aaliya!

I hope that one day I’ll see you all again in Cape Town!

Wtih the best greetings from Germany, to my two-year Kurus -anniversary,

your lil Junior Johannes

Cape Town World Tourism Day – Linking Cultures

Kurus English students are presented with opportunities relating to the social and cultural world which broaden their horizons and assist them in gaining new perspectives. In this way, Cape Town partners our language learning approach and provides the cultural base for language learning opportunities. Students are guided and supported to gain knowledge through language about what cultural diversity means.

Check out this article about World Tourism Day. This year’s theme was Linking Cultures, something that Kurus English has been more than a part of, since the very beginning.


Not only are we a Cape Town of mountains, sea and fynbos, we are also a creative, innovative, design-driven city full of diverse, fascinating people. Cape Town’s real beauty can be found within the many complex, interesting layers of our city, her cultures, her people and the stories that shaped and continue to shape us.

- Mariette du Toit-Helmbold, CEO of Cape Town Toursim


Dear Kurus team,

Carola Schwar

Time flies…

Thank you for two amazing, wonderful and informative weeks.  I’d not enough time to ask all of my questions.  It was a lot of input and just a little time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in a part of South African life and getting an impression of this beautiful city. I’d like to say again, we haven’t any problems at home.  I’m so glad that I had my own teacher.




They say time flies when you’re having fun and nothing could be more true of the last 3 years for Kurus English. Since it’s inception, the school, thanks to it’s dedicated staff, awesome students and of course, Cape Town itself, has grown from strength to strength. Offering so much more than simply language lessons, everyone who has been through our system will agree that the education at Kurus English provides one with an incredible opportunity to experience South Africa as well as our incredible culture and country.

Our 3rd birthday corresponded perfectly with the arrival of our third FEJO group of 2011 and this was the perfect excuse for a celebratory music dinner! Great food, awesome company, live South African Music, all against the backdrop of the exquisite Table Mountain – one could not have asked for a more perfect evening.

Thank you for being part of the Kurus family! You know who you are :)


Food & Cuisine

Do you have a sweet-tooth or do you prefer food that sets your mouth on fire?! Whatever the case, South African cuisine has something to make your mouth water!

South African cuisine is sometimes called “rainbow cuisine”, as it has had a variety of multicultural sources. In order to understand a culture, we must first understand what they eat!  The students were given the opportunity to taste Cape Malay Cuisine (as well as try their hands at making samoosas!), create their own malva puddings at the 5 star Westin Grand, and experience shisa nyama a traditional Xhosa style of eating, in an authentic township setting.

Now there’s a bit of food for thought!


Ja Ja Ja!!

Remember Kurus – when a German chap says “It was okay” then you have fulfilled all his expectations. I say: It was fantastic! So you can be sure that I was highly impressed and deeply moved.

By the way, you should always remember that Rapport = formal flirting.  And you are the Masters of Rapport!

Daniel, the soldier :)

Daniel Seeger


The first thing one notices when one arrives in Cape Town is it’s beautiful environment. It’s stunning landscape, fresh waters, picturesque mountains and clean air, distinguish it from other famous cities around the world.  This week Kurus English, along with Coffeebeans Routes,  worked together to provide our current FEJO group with an orientation of the environment “in our neck of the woods”, so to speak!

We visited Intaka Island - a wetlands and bird sanctuary situated right in the centre of the Mother City, learnt about the Reclaim Camsisa project, which is an NGO that focuses on creating a sustainable approach using CT’s natural water system and last but not but not least paid a visit to Cape Town’s own recently opened Greenpoint Urban Park. Due to rain, we were forced to run for cover, but we didn’t let it rain on our parade and we weathered the storm with a drink in hand at Sotano with a spectacular view of the ocean in front of us.

Did you know that there are more species of plants on Table Mountain alone than in the whole of New Zealand?!  Talk about Bio Diversity!


Thank you very much!

It’s a pleasure to be part of Kurus English. We really enjoyed the time in Cape Town. We also want to thank CoffeeBeans!

Corinna, Tina, Julia, Kaya, Annika, Stephanie, Anna, Ruth, Juliane, Lisa, David, Matthias, Katharina, Marius


Thank you Kurus-English!

I have a nice time in your school :) I have learned so much, thank you.  You are very family and thanks for the excursions.  I hope I see you more times in Cape Town.

Julia Bayer

Dear Gavin and Jessica! Dear ‘Coffee Beans’!

Thank you so much for this wonderful occasion to stay at your school for one week. We have profited in English and have learnt a lot of/about the social conditions; the efforts you are making to improve our cultural understanding is a great benefit to us.  We hope to see you again either in Zurich, Switzerland or in Cape Town!

Katharina & Elizabeth

Katharina von Siebenthal & Elizabeth Weyers

New STAR TRAILS by Erich Meyer: this time from Lions Head

Star Trails, Lions Head, Cape Town

This image is a combination of 548 individual shots taken in Cape Town/ South Africa.

The image shows a synopsis some minutes before the beginning  until 2 hours after the sunset.

The planet Mercury is fine to see below the star ‚Regulus‘ (it is the brightest star of the star constellation ‚Leo‘).

Left star trails are curved around the South Pole and right star trails are curved around the North Pole. Stars that are located on the celestal equator have straight lines.

The exact point “West” is marked.

The image shows that the sun was placed in the northern part of the celestial sphere at 15th July 2011 (near the summer solistice at 21th June).

The dotted lines are caused due to illuminated and moving fishing boats and due to the exposure time intevall of 15 seconds.

Brighter areas near the beaches are the result of whitecaps.

Location for the image: on Lions Head (669m) – Cape Town, South Africa.
Date of exposure: 15th July 2011.
Exposure time: 2 hours. Time between exposures: 15 seconds.

Have fun with this particular image!
Best regards and the best wishes to Cape Town

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