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Author: · October 29. 2010 · Language Excursions

The Language Excursion week started with a trip to the Lyndoch Eco Village. This is the first ecologically designed, socially-mixed intentional community in South Africa. The Village is located in Stellenbosch, a University town 30 minutes drive inland from Cape Town. The term “ecology” was new to me and the theme was really fascinating. A big thank you to our guide Luke, who was informative and made real efforts to help us understand this complex subject.

The next day we went to the Slave Lodge in the centre of the City. A big part of Cape Town´s history is concerned with slavery and this period of the country´s history, so the Language Excursion to the museum was essential for our historical understanding.

On our last Language Excursion we visited a well-known art artist called “Zavick aka Supadog”. During a unique and interactive afternoon  tour through the Castle of Good Hope, we gained insights into the history of this famous edifice and theb went on to have some drawing-lessons, where we created a ‘Zine’. In any case a crazy, unique and creative day!

It was a fantastic week!


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