City vs. Nature

Author: · October 22. 2010 · Language Excursions

This week started with a Cape Town – City Tour. A walk through the Streets showed us on the one hand some of the oldest, historical buildings of South African and on the other, the constantly expending city of Cape Town.

On the following day we visited the Rondevlei Nature Reserve, which is a vitally an important habitat for many bird species. Situated just a short 20 minute drive from the city centre, Rondevlei offers a quiet and secluded alternative to the hustle and bustle of urban life.

How do this two seemingly opposite universes continue live side by side? Environmentally, this presents the city of Cape Town with a big challenge. Rondelvlei lies within the city limits, closely bordered by the Table Mountain National Park, which is also a World Heritage Site. Many interesting questions and challenges stayed with us throughout the entire week.

On Thursday we had a delicious end to our Language Excursion week, when we sampled CameroonianKenyan and Ethiopian food. Very Very tasty…..

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