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Author: · October 20. 2010 · Language Excursions

Hey Guys

Over the next few months I will be reporting about Kurus English generally and about my experiences regarding the Language Excursions, in particular. If you want to knew more about me, you can read my Introduction “Hello everybody” on the Kurus Blog.

Up until now I have been attending English Lessons with Gavin, so I can both improve my English and, very importantly, learn more about the Kurus English language learning concept. Kurus English unites language, culture and discovery opportunities into a unique and powerful whole-learning experience.

We can all remember the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa; what a great atmosphere and what exciting Games we all saw, whether on TV or live in the stadia.The World Cup 2010 has had a huge influence on South African culture and infrastructure. So our first Language Excursion was to the magnificent, brand new Cape Town Stadium. During the tour through the Stadium, we had an opportunity visited the change-rooms, the jail, public areas and lastly we were even permitted to touched the grass! It was fantastic to be in the same place as Christiano Ronaldo and another Superstars had been. It was a superb day.

The next day we changed our focus to the history of South Africa. We started by visiting the District Six Museum. We learned a lot about the Apartheid era and South Africa´s transition to democracy.

Our Excursion-week ended with a tour to the oldest Township in South Africa called Langa.

It´s very interesting to see the difference between the richer and poorer areas of Cape Town.All in all we find a people are this city and county to be extremely friendly. Big thanks to our guides, Nomawethu (Nozha), Gavin and Michael! This was a great afternoon, with food, African beer and history…

I´m really looking forward to the next week. Best regards!


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