It’s time to say goodbye!

Author: · June 4. 2010 · About our school, The Team

I can’t believe it – I’m flying back to Germany in two days. The time flew by so quickly.

I arrived in South Africa 10 months ago. I remember it, as if it was yesterday. I was so excited, scared, apprehensive and curious. I didn’t know what to expect. And now I already miss South Africa, Cape Town, the people, my friends…. Just everything!!

Before I came to South Africa, I didn’t know that I’d stay for 10 months. Only 6 months were planned. But I knew very soon that I would like to stay longer. An internship at Kurus English was a great opportunity to extend my stay and to experience more of South Africa, Cape Town, the people and the culture.

I want to thank the whole Kurus Team for the great time I had with you. The opportunity to experience your Language Excursions – they were great fun! Thank you for giving me the chance to improve my English and for making my five months worthwhile.

My 10 months in South Africa were awesome, so eventful and diverse. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss them!!

I hope that I could fulfill your expectations and that I could support Kurus English.

Goodbye Johannes, Diana, Gavin, Ian and Michael!!!

Wish you all the best! We’ll keep in touch!!


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