A Fantastic Story by Elsia (pre-int. student)

Author: · May 19. 2010 · About our school

James Bond – The man with the Golden Gun

It was very late at the evening and James bond ran across the road quickly. He carefully opened the window, looked around him and jumped inside his room. He could see his heart beating through his chest. Then he took a breath, had a shower and went to bed. However, James kept an eye open…

He was sleeping very peacefully and was dreaming of a very pretty woman with long fair hair who was wearing a red dress. Suddenly at 4 o’clock, he heard a noise from the window! He took immediately his gun from under the pillow.

James Bond crept slowly along the wall, stood next to the curtains and saw something move behind them. He was scared. Then he stood in front of the curtains, pointed his gun and swiftly opened the curtains. It was a woman just like in his dream.

_Mary Goodnight! Said he. What are you doing here?

_Oh James, I have a “Most Immediate” message for you.

James pulled her through the window and, her to the bathroom and sad down on the bath. He turned on the shower and then said:

_Mary what’s happened? What are you doing here?

She was exhausted and said:

_J.B, I’m sorry but it was so important. H.Q sent me to warn you about Hendriks because he’s looking for you.

_who is he? Whispered James

_He’s a top KBG agent but he’s using this name Hendriks and he knows everything

About you!

James cursed:

_What the hell? We have to leave immediately!

James turned off the shower then he led her across the room and opened the bedroom door.

_Oh my Goodness! The man with the Golden Gun. Screamed Mary.

_Scaramanga! Said James hopelessly.

_Ahahahahaha…Yes it’s me! Back inside both of you, put your hands up and don’t make any noise.

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