A brilliant short story by Elisa (Upper-Intermediate student)

Author: · April 23. 2010 · About our school, Students

On the spur of the moment I decided to go back. That man, who seemed to be about 70 years old, reminded me my sweet grandpa who had died only one year ago. I missed him so much and I couldn’t leave that man all alone, I couldn’t watch him suffering without doing anything. I went back and simply sat down on the bench just next to him, without saying anything but I was offering my silent presence. The man was still looking out to sea. He seemed desperate and after a little time began to cry very hard, I could see his shoulders jerking from the sobbing. All around everything seemed unrealistically still and I didn’t know what to do, when suddenly the old man began to talk. He told me that his wife, his partner for all his life was dying, she had a terminal condition and there weren’t any doctors or treatment which could save her. He felt very powerless and didn’t know how to relate the sad prognosis to their children; he would like to protect them even if they were already grown up. He said that, even though he was a psychologist and he had been helping people for the greater part of his life, he couldn’t now help himself. I felt very aggrieved for his sad situation, but there was something that made me feel uncomfortable: I didn’t know what it was, maybe his way of speaking…it seemed he was trying to convince me of something. I had felt this weird sensation, but I thought it was only my imagination. Then, a gust of wind snatched away the letter from his hands and I quickly ran to pick it up and gave it back to him, but he was screaming at me to let it go. I wondered why for a moment, then, when finally I picked the letter up, I understood. It was a letter from the Psychology Council witch stated that he had been struck off the roll because he had been suspected of murdering his whole family. When I finished reading I could feel him behind my back, I was terrified and there wasn’t anybody else around…

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