2010, March 2010

2010 is an important year for South Africa. Everyone is focused on The World Cup. The preparations are in full swing.
For this great spectacle a magnificent new stadium has been built. We were shown the stadium, saw the changing rooms, felt like real VIPs when we were sitting in the VIP box and, of course, we all kissed the soccer field before we left!

The next day we concentrated on the changes of the city by doing a city walk. We kept an eye on the challenges the city has to cope with and the developments so far. We were shown significant cultural and historical sights too.

At the end of the week we visited the AYK (Ambitious Youth of Khayelitsha), whose motto is: “Using our passion for soccer and love for our community to create a financially stable business focused on alleviating crime and alcohol abuse in Khayelitsha”.
We were introduced into the area and the organisation of AYK. Later we played a soccer match with the local soccer players. It was a highly contested match and great fun!


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