FEJO I Music Dinner 2010 @Paradise Grey

Author: · February 12. 2010 · About our school, Students

This Tuesday was once again time for our FEJO Music Dinner at Alan’s amazing Garden.
The evening started with a steep climb to the top of the Garden where everybody enjoyed an awesome view of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain. It was a good work out ;) and all of us were hungry, so Cinthia & Alan served us one of their lovely dinners.
After everybody was full the music started to play. The African beat “rocked” and it didn’t take long until the FEJO Group opened the dance floor. There was dancing, chatting and laughing the whole evening and one of the Highlights later on was the small “concert” of our FEJO Group. They sung a couple of German songs and kept the party going on.

CHATTING, LAUGHING and DANCING were the themes of the evening.

It was my first Music Dinner and I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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