Youth & Education

Youth & Education, a matching theme! Our students could now see the real difference between their own youth at school and the South African youth. Sarepta Secondary School was our first stop to face the differences. When we arrived at the school there was a talent scouting happening and we enjoyed the shows for a while. After that we went with a number of students to a classroom where Aaliya the group divided into 3 different groups to chat and ask questions.

De second day we have visited UWC (University of the Western Cape) where we met Glen Arendse and he took us on a guided tour through the school and campus. We joined an English class about literature. For us, it was a bit difficult to follow but interesting to experience. Glen also gave us a nice overview of the university.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the last and most exciting excursion to Velokhaya. The students told me it’s a project for children from the townships so that they can go there after school and stay off the streets. The guides were Skeezo (head coach), Amos (project director), Lutnando (professional rider) & Tim (head of security). “The racing tour with the kids was really cool!”

It was a week with contrasted faces to the Youth & Education theme.

~ Jessica

Creative Cape Town

Creative Cape Town communicates, supports and facilitates the development of the creative and knowledge economy in the Central City of Cape Town.

Rotary Club

Johannes, Director of Kurus English, is a member of the newly founded “Rotary Club am Kap (Cape Town)”

Paradise Grey

Paradise Grey is a friendly, private guesthouse and lively get-together place in Cape Town’s quaint district Higgovale.


Last week Jacques took us on three excursions, all about the theme “The Environment“. Gavin, Aaliya, Jens, Katja, Jacques and I went to Rondevlei Nature Reserve. When we arrived, we met Joy and she took us on a guided walk through the flora and fauna. Unfortunately, it was too windy to take a boat ride around the reserve but we smelled an indigenous tobacco plant, tasted a sort of cane, saw the moustache of a beautiful coloured caterpillar and we learned about different plants and birds.

The next day we drove to SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds). SANCCOB’s mission is to protect and conserve Southern Africa’s coastal birds, especially threatened species, for the benefit of present and future generations. They do this by the rehabiliting and caring for oiled, sick, injured and orphaned coastal birds, finally returning them to their natural environment. Karen took us on a guide walk and explained us all that they’re doing to get the birds back “on their feet”. She showed us the penguin cleaning space, the feeding room, the injections, the administer, the place where the penguins are treated and where they live.

On the last excursion day we went to Khayelitsha to visit the Kuyasa CDM project. Grabeth, junior manager, showed us a 7 minute video covering the content of what they’re doing and why it is so important. The Kuyasa CDM project involves the retrofitting of solar water heater, insulated ceilings and energy efficient in over 2 300 low-cost homes in Khayelitsha. Zuko, senior manager, and Grabeth explained us the working of the heater and took us visit to a house to let us see the finished product of their work. It was good to see that they’re almost done with the project and just a few hundred houses are left to be completed.

In only three days we learned so much more about the environment… It is so good to do these excursions. We’re getting a developed knowledge of different themes in Cape Town.

~ Jessica

Patricia and Eduardo


Please watch a video with Patricia and Eduardo from Brazil talking about their stay in Cape Town: here the English version:

In addition, here their experiences in Portuguese. Enjoy!

Thank you very much, Patricia and Eduardo! It was a great pleasure having you here at Kurus English in Cape Town! We are all looking forward to welcoming you back soon!

Building Cities

The theme of last week’s language excursions was Building Cities.

The first day, on Tuesday, we took a Walking Tour of Cape Town, guided by Abi of the Cape Town Partnership. It was a rainy day so we weren’t quite sure if we would be able to do the tour but the rain man helped us and it was dry by the time we left from Kurus English. Before starting the tour, we went to the office of the Cape Town Partnership to get some information and a complementary bag filled with a bottle of water, brochures with safety tips, information about creative cape town, give responsibility and CCID profile. There also was a little tourist book in it with the best of Cape Town central city.
Abi showed us places where new buildings are going to be built and where old heritage buildings still exist.

The next day we drove to Kalkfontein, using 2 buses. Kalkfontein is a township located between Cape Town and Stellenbosch and has both proper housing and an informal settlement area. We met Joanna and she showed us the place where she’s doing good work for the people who live in Kalkfontein. Once a day, she distributes food. People queue up to be served a little portion of nutritious food. Mostly, this meal which Joanna serves once a day is everything the people consume. She also has space where she sews clothes for the local people. It was really impressive to see the way the township people live. They possess almost nothing but yet there’s always a smile on their faces. After seeing Joanna’s place, she guided us on a short walk through the township. We saw the difference between an informal settlement and an authentic township.

On Thursday, we visited an architect’s office, Makeka Designs Laboratory CC, in City of Cape Town. Our guide for this day, Holger, gave us a presentation of the renovation and upgrading the central station. There is still a lot of work to do before the 2010 World Cup. Cape Town is getting an upgraded central station. The difference between the new and the old is huge. During Apartheid there were different areas for whites and non-whites and even nowadays, something of that feeling still remains. Now the plan is to have a central station for ALL the people.

During the week we learned so much about the city’s development, especially concerning the infrastructure, buildings & informal settlements. It was great to do these excursions.

~ Jessica

Introducing Jessica

Hello everybody,

First of all, thank you for the warm welcome at Kurus English.
I’ll be the marketing/communication intern for the next.. (almost) 5 months. I come from Holland, so I can understand the ‘Afrikaans’ language. But my goal will be to speak better English then my English teacher in Holland at the end of my stay here in Cape Town. I am afraid I can’t reach that because he’s a native speaker but I’ll give it a try. Besides improving my English I also want to experience the work at Kurus English. I’m gonna practice my learned knowledge at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. I study International Business & Languages, so I also want to improve my skills concerning the educational programme.
Please feel free to ask questions or whatever you want to know about me or Kurus English!

Kind regards,

Dear Kurus-Team

Thank you very much for your support and we wish you all the best for the future!

It was a wonderful experience for all of us and we will never forget this trip.

We really enjoyed the time we spent with you in “Cape Town”

The Fejo Group September 2009
Fikret -Fiko-, Tea, Stefan, Tine, Kai, Laura, Anton, Sascha, Julia, Moni, Anke, Toshias and Jens

Thank you

We welcome Jessica to Cape Town and our Team

A warm welcome to Jessica! Jessica joins the Kurus English team for the next 5 months. She supports us with our marketing and communcication efforts. Thanks, Jessica, for your support! We all wish you a great time in Cape Town and at Kurus English!

Thank you for everything

Thank you for all – the good/ excellent lessons, which were challenging and funny -
The good help for all questions and the friendly and familiar atmosphere.
Two weeks isn’t enough, but I was enjoying the time. And once more, I’ll say thank you to my teachers. They were so friendly.


1st anniversary Kurus English

Yes, it is true! Kurus English opened its doors one year ago on the 1st of September 2008. Time really flies…
Our baby Kurus English is crawling already, now it is time to walk! Thanks to everybody especially our students, teachers, Language Excursion hosts, accommodation hosts, guest houses and the Coffeebeans Routes team for your support and your contribution!

Last night we celebrated our 1st anniversary with a delicious dinner and live music from Adamo at Alan & Jason aka Paradise Grey! Thanks to everybody for celebrating with us! Please enjoy the pictures!

Thank you for everything!

This is a sad moment for me, but I have to say good-bye. Thank you for teaching me English, for you being wonderful, patient and funny.
I’ll never forget you, and I’ll wait to one day come back and study here again.

Thank you for everything!


Poem: What happened…?

Amany, Nebras, Ahmed and Rocivalda

Rocivalda & Aaliya

Rocivalda & Aaliya

A poem written in a Pre-Intermediate Skills class by Amany, Rocivalda & Aaliya:

Our friendship grew slowly and carefully,
we spent our time together lovingly,
suddenly you changed quietly,
I questioned you angrily,
you broke my heart tragically,
you left urgently
and I looked on nervously…
What happened…?

Jazz Potjie Projects

Jazz Potjie Projects

Cape-Jazz recorded live: a hot mix of Afro, Ethnic, Gospel, Soul-, Jazz- and Pop-Standards. In addition, you are supporting a music-project for children in formerly disatvantaged areas in Cape Town.

Please click HERE for the link to the German website!

PASO Africa Shop

PASO Africa Shop

PASO Africa Shop offers various special gifts and promotion articles manufactured in southern Africa. All products are manufactured localy and create labour as well as vocational opportunities.

Thank you for everything

I am very happy with you
I remember the first day when I came here.. I couldn’t speak English, just a few words.
But now, with you, with learn, I can speak English very well and I understand the people when they speak.

Thank you for helping me for everything
Thank you, thank you very much.

Amany Mohammed Younis
From Saudi Arabia

Thank you!!

At the end of our course I have to say:
Thank you very much for everything
Thank you my teachers
Thank you Johannes & Diana
Thanks for Kurus English School

My English has improved, and I think this is just the beginning and the first step in the way of our English improvement
Thank you Mr. Gavin & Mis. Aaliya for your unlimited support.

I hope we were a good example for Muslim people at first, and as a Saudi Arabian as well.
And before and after everything..
Thanks for ‘Allah’ God to be here

Best wishes
Ahmed Felemban
Saudi Arabia

Africa Festival in Aschaffenburg, Germany

Last weekend Kurus English had a stand at the Africa Festival in Johannes’ hometown Aschaffenburg. Thanks to all the visitors at our stand! We are looking forward to welcoming you in Cape Town and to our school Kurus English!

Congratulations to our sweepstake winner Blanka B. from Goldbach! What a coincidence, Blanka is originally from Unterafferbach, the village where Johannes grew up!

Again, we gave away 2 weeks Opportunity 1: language culture discovery (30 lessons per week) with our unique Language Excursions and accommodation in a single room including breakfast with a Host Family! Blanka, we are looking forward to welcoming you to Cape Town!

Thank you all very much!

Today is our last day and we have to say good-bye.
Before we came here we didn’t know what to expect but from the first moment on we felt comfortable and welcome.
During the after-school excursions we got the chance to meet interesting people who told us more about the history of the city and their way of life. With the help of that we can understand the culture and history of Cape Town and South Africa much better.
Special thanks to Johannes because without him we wouldn’t be here.
Diana who helped us organize our trips.
Of course we want to thank Gavin who teached uw English with patience and a lot of fun.
Let’s not forget Jacques and Aaliya who joined us at many excursions and could tell us more about the city.

Cape Town is definitely worth a visit and hopefully we will be back soon.
Thank you all very much!

Best wishes
Judith & Denise
Frankfurt / Germany
Alt Zeschdorf

Judith & Denise in Cape Town

Watch a short video with Denise and Judith, our sweepstake winners, talking about their experiences in Cape Town.

Here the video in English:

Additionally, we also have a German version for you to watch:

Expolingua sweepstake winners in Cape Town!

Denise and Judith

Denise and Judith

A warm welcome to Cape Town and Kurus English! Denise and Judith our sweepstake winners from the Expolingua Fair in Berlin last year in November arrived in Cape Town. Click here for more information.
Congratulations again! We hope you ladies have a great and unforgettable time in Cape Town! Enjoy!

Kurus English at the Africa Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany

Once again Kurus English had a stand at an Africa Festival. This time in Düsseldorf. Thanks to all the visitors at our stand! We are looking forward to welcoming you in Cape Town and to our school Kurus English!

Congratulations to our sweepstake winner Suzana S. from Duesseldorf! Again, we gave away 2 weeks Opportunity 1: language culture discovery (30 lessons per week) with our unique Language Excursions and accommodation in a single room including breakfast with a Host Family! Suzana, we are looking forward to welcoming you to Cape Town!

Dear Kurus Team

I’m very happy that I know you. I learned a lot of things with each … and I know it’s very difficult to live with different cultures but you made it easier.

Thanks for all
Carolina Schneider

Dear Kurus staff

It was a pleasure to be part of Kurus.
I learned not only the English language in itself, but also the South African Culture.
Thanks for welcoming and making me feel at home during my stay here.
I should say you are a “Good Samaritan” … a helping hand to strangers. I will be watching you in Facebook. Drop me a line, any time.


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