Entertainment & Leisure, December 2009

Author: · December 18. 2009 · Language Excursions

Last week was a diverse week in which the students got the chance to learn more about the African culture when it comes to entertaining and leisure.

The kick-off was a drive to Signal Hill to see the Cape Town Stadium. The view is amazing from that place! Afterwards, they went to the Fields of Play exhibition which explores the dynamic intersection of memory, football and forced removals in the history of Cape Town.

On Wednesday the students became artists at the Castle of Good Hope. They had a workshop there with John Bauer about the printing techniques. It seems like this is one of the more popular excursions last time.

The next day, on Thursday, it was all about Township Leisure at Langa. We literally took the bulls by the horns and tasted some sheep head and chicken liver. The township excursions are always impressive! Our singer from the Music Dinner before took us on a tour through Langa and we ended up in her yard to taste the food.

All together, a week with a lot of variation, fun and impressing experiences!!

~ Jessica

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