Belief Systems, December 2009

Author: · December 18. 2009 · Language Excursions

This week we introduced the students to the different belief systems in South Africa.

On Tuesday, we went to Hildergarde, a traditional healer. For me, it was a very impressive experience. It’s a pity, in one month I have to leave Cape Town and especially for the last period I’m really going to feel the African feeling!!


Yesterday, it was all about the Islam. The students visited Dawood, an imam in Cape Town. They were able to ask all the questions they wanted to know and learned so much more about Muslims, the belief and everything what is related to it!!


Today, is already their last day. The school is quite buzzy because it is also the last day for the Kurus Team of 2009! Let’s get the holiday started and enjoy it to the max!!

~ Jessica

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