South African History, December 2009

Author: · December 11. 2009 · Language Excursions

Last week was the second and last week for the FEJO IV Group from Germany. Time flies when you’re in Cape Town! After a very active week with dancing and making art en music, it was time to refresh their history knowledge.

On Tuesday they visited the Slave Lodge where they got an impression about Africa during the time of the slaves. Where they came from and what kind of life they lived.

District 6 Museum and the Holocaust museum were on the list for Wednesday. Some heavy stuff but really good to experience and to see what Africa was like years ago.

Thursday was the day to celebrate that we are now free and can live our lives how we want to live them. The students went on a train ride to Langa!

This week was a good one to go back to Germany with a fresh start. The group learned so many new things and were also remembered about the history. And with the freedom in their minds they went back to their home country!!

~ Jessica

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