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November 2009

‘Johannes Bruns, 18 years old, has just finished school and wants to pass the CAE exam at Kurus in Cape Town!’
‘Wildly ambitious, that young guy!’ Gavin must have thought when reading my application.
Indeed, it was a tall order but not a lost cause!

My sincere gratitude goes to:
- The remarkable nick names J was given (little Johannes, Prince…)
- Linguistic drill master Gavin Cuttler who turned my English into an almost immaculate diamond
- Aaliya’s natural tenderness and senses (or scents)
- Big Johannes German aura that never made me feel homesick
- Diana who is the quintessence of hospitality and altruism and truly the back love of Kurus English
- Jessica the fairest Dutch lady with an unbeatable, gorgeous island sun-teint whose enchantment lies in her modest personality tinged with intelligent sensibility
- Jacques the most admirable tour guide, the epitome of elegance and a true library of knowledge

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