Art, Dance & Music December 2009

Author: · December 1. 2009 · Language Excursions

Paint some art, make a move and feel the beat. As you can imagine, last week was a very creative one.

The start off took place in the Castle of Good Hope. At this place, John Bauer presented the printing technique with knitted teddy bears. The artist knows different unique art techniques by experimenting time and time again. The students were busy with painting the teddy bears and printing them on a paper sheet to make their own art.

The next day, on Wednesday, it was time to develop the dancing skills on an African way. The students, teachers and private guide Jacques drove to the iKapa Dance Theatre to learn the gumboot dance. It was an unexpected experience but great to see and practise a real African dance at close quarters.

The first week went fast by and the students were already on the third day of excursions. This day, it was all happening in Gugulethu where the Djembe and Marimba again were discovered! Lucky learned them all about the instruments and the ilanga le Africa project.

Thanks everybody for taking creative part in this creative week!

~ Jessica

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