Entertainment & Leisure, October 2009

Author: · November 5. 2009 · Language Excursions

Last week was in token of Entertainment & Leisure. Like the students who are doing an English course what about the South African people?
On the first excursion day they wanted us to put in touch with the African food. Actually, you can also say MEAT. So we went to Nandi Nandi, located in Khayelitsha, to order some meat. After a visit at the art centre where Cinga Samson showed us his paintings and told us more about the topic, we went back to pick up our meat and tried it! The plate was only for a few minutes filled by meat.

In my younger years I’ve done pottery for a few times but when we visited John Bauer at his home and atelier my mouth fell open in astonishment. Loads of pots and creations were placed everywhere! After recovering our breath we painted some pots. They’re now under the treatment of John Bauer and we are curious to see the results.

Our last day was very exciting! We drove to Guguletu where we played the marimba and other African instruments. Lucky Paliso taught us everything about the instruments, culture and how to play. It was a very energetic afternoon and we had a lot of fun!

We now know more about the African way of entertaining themselves and the leisure activities of the country.

~ Jessica

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