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Author: · October 29. 2009 · Language Excursions

Last week’s theme fitted exactly in my educational program. Studying International Business & Languages, the cultural differences in doing business in different countries is very interesting.
The first excursion day we went to the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum located in the township Lwandle. There, we got a guided tour by Lundi Mama through the museum, which reminds residents and visitors of the horrific living conditions that the migrant labour system imposed. Lundi took us on a small trip where we could see hostel 33 in the original conditions.

On Wednesday, we went to a local shop: Streetwires. The excursion was very exciting because Jethro showed us everything, from the design room to the workplaces. Afterwards we got the opportunity to make our own wires. Respect for the workers because what we did in one hour could they just do in a few seconds.

Capestorm, an outdoor apparel company based in South Africa was the third location for a language excursion. During that day I wasn’t present because I had to work on my network skills. The students told me that it was good to see that the workers do their work in a fair workplace and it was also interesting to hear the differences between a big company (Jack Wolfskin) and a smaller one (Capestorm), explained by Andrew Baxter.

~ Jessica

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