Mac McKenzie in Johannes’ hometown

Author: · May 6. 2009 · Projects/CSR

Mac visited Johannes’ hometown Aschaffenburg and Unterafferbach, hosted by Johannes’ parents Margarete and Rudi (THANKS!). Mac met up with the a music group in Niedernberg (Thanks to Johannes’ brother Matthias and his girlfriend Sandra!) and the Unterafferbacher guitar group (Thanks Eisi!) for a Cape Town Jazz music workshop. Furthermore, Mac met the composer Marcus Rüdel at the music school Aschaffenburg as well as Burkard Fleckenstein from the cultural council of the city Aschaffenburg. Last but not least, Mac played live at the South African Evening held by the restaurant “Post” in Unterafferbach. Mac played with the guitar group as well as Sandran and Matthias in front of 125 people! Many thanks to Werner and Erika, chef and owners of the restaurant and Rudi and Margarete for organising this great evening. And finally many thanks to all “Afferbischer” for coming to this unique event and supporting Mac!

Please watch the videos below.

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