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Author: · April 23. 2009 · Students

Advanced class: A completed story as part of an excercise.

She didn’t want to leave without Peter. The whistle sounded and suddenly Hannah felt with absolute certainty thay something was desperately wrong. At that moment she was distracted by another sound; A sinister sound. She turned and peered along the dimly-lit platform and saw at the end of the station concourse flashing blue and red lights.
She felt strangly taken in by the lights. Intuitively, she felt something had happened to Peter; something that would change her life forever.
She began to walk towards the lights and then started to run. At that same moment the sky broke apart and silent tears started to flow down her cheeks, as if in sympathy with the rain. A crowd had gathered around a unmoving body lying on the station floor. The emergency personell were trying to assist the injured man. Hannah feared the worst; the man on the ground was Peter. But for a moment she was distracted by the small red box, which he was still holding tightly in his hands. Soundlessly she kneeled down next to Peter. Her heart was beating frantically. “Darling, Peter, is this for me?” As if in reflex Peter’s hand seemed to tighten around the box. Nevertheless, Hannah carefully pulled the box from his fingers. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and opened the box. When she opened it, she saw two things. First a magnificant diamond ring and then she read the few words she would never, ever forget. ‘With everlasting love to my darling Stephanie’. Hannah made a immediate decision; she turned on her heel and marched out into her new life, box in hand.

Jennifa, Anna-Lisa, Sonja and Gavin

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