Lion’s head

Author: · April 19. 2009 · Cape Town

Hiking up Lion’s head is a different experience from hiking up Table Mountain. Some people think it is easier to hike up Lion’s head and some people find Table Mountain a much easier experience. While Table Mountain is higher in altitude it is mostly high steps along the trail. A bit like a really long stairway.

When hiking up Lion’s head, you start by walking up Signal Hill, which is a steep slope, but the road is well paved and no real difficulties such as rocks and so on. But the higher you climb the more difficult it is going to become. The surface will be more rocky, and sometimes there will be some obstacles, and the only way to climb further, is by using a rope ladder or pins in the wall. This makes Lion’s head a more varied walk.

The best time to hike up Lion’s head is just before sunset, you may choose to have a picknic at the summit and watch the sun set over the sea. And even then you could spend several hours up there enjoying the many lights of Cape Town. Make sure though that for the hike down you have a torch with you, because those steps could be tricky in the dark.

Lion’s head is also used for many other activities, such as abseiling and paragliding. If you engage in these activities during the day you will see a beautiful view of the beaches and the city.

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